Walnut Hollow’s Signature Wood Pieces

We have 2 new styles of our signature wood pieces.


The BW Country Rounds have been around for 40 years – they previously were made out of walnut rather than basswood. Nancy, the wife of our founder Dave Ladd, would create unique decoupage projects from cross cut pieces of wood taken from the family tree farm. This idea led Mr. Ladd to develop our very first product line, Walnut Country Rounds which he debuted at the 1972 Hobby Industry of America show in Chicago, IL. Although unable to actually attend the show, he enticed prospective customers with Wisconsin cheese and crackers outside of the convention center. Soon, Mr. Ladd found himself with Walnut Hollow’s first hit product. And this was before he had any manufacturing capabilities! But thanks to significant community support, Mr. Ladd and Walnut Hollow were able to meet the demand for our high-quality products.

First Product


Since then, our product line has grown to include more and more natural wood surfaces, panels and plaques for arts and crafts. One of those surfaces is Basswood Country Rounds®, which is the successor to the original Walnut Country Round. Also, thanks to Mr. Ladd’s son Scott and his interest and talent in wood burning, our company has become renowned for its extensive line of wood burning tools and accessories. Wood burning (or pyrography) has become an important aspect of our business.

2 thoughts on “Walnut Hollow’s Signature Wood Pieces

  1. I rely heavily on Walnut Hollow for my woodburning surfaces. The larger variety the better. I always try to have woodburnings at arts festivals that range in size from the very small 3-1/2″ x5″ Baltic Birch to the very large basswood country rounds and planks. I count on their quality, which cannot be found everywhere.

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