Iridescent Leaves Trivet

I asked my friend, Judi Kauffman, to choose some new products from Walnut Hollow and use them to create some of her wonderful artwork. One of the products turned into this Trivet! And not just any trivet, but one that was covered with Envirotex Lite so it could be used for warm dishes. Judi says, “This Trivet is for use at the table with cold dishes or warm casseroles, NOT for hot pans straight from the stove.”

trivet2     Trivet


  • Walnut Hollow 11″ x 11″ Basswood Country Round®, Thick 39750
  • Four 2″ wood blocks
  • 16 Power Tabs super hold adhesive squares (Tombow)
  • 2 sheets leaf, acorn, and pod peel-offs in Black #1029 (Elizabeth Craft Designs)
  • Tim Holtz Metallic Mixative in Gold, ink applicator with felt pad (Ranger Industries)
  • LuminArte Silks iridescent acrylic glazes in Solar Gold, Ginger Peach, Olive Vine, Guatemalan Green
  • Americana Acrylics Ebony Black (DecoArt)
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear spray-on sealer (Krylon)
  • White glue (Elmer’s) or Mod Podge (Plaid)
  • Envirotex Lite 2-part pour-on epoxy (ETI/Environmental Techology, Inc.)
  • Heat tool
  • Paint stick


  • Abstract background pattern stamp Magic Stamp block (Clearsnap)
  • Americana Acrylic paints in Bahama Blue and Antique Rose, matte medium (DecoArt)


  1. Alter black outline peel-offs with gold Metallic Mixatives to create a mottled effect (some gold remains visible).
  2. Optional: For a subtle background pattern that will almost disappear in the finished project, use matte medium to dilute acrylic paints and stamp the surface of the Country Round. Wash the Magic Stamp block so paint won’t dry on it. Allow acrylic paint to dry overnight on wood piece.
  3. Arrange the leaf, pod and acorn outline peel-offs as shown or as you prefer.
  4. Without worrying too much about staying inside of the lines, paint the leaves, pods and acorns with Ginger Peach, Olive Vine and Solar Gold. Paint around the shapes with Guatemalan Green, plus additional strokes of the first three colors. Allow paint to dry overnight.
  5. Paint wood blocks for the trivet’s feet, using Ebony Black paint. When dry, add a bit of Guatemalan Green. Allow to dry overnight.
  6. Attach feet to bottom of trivet using four Power Tabs per block to hold the feet in place.
  7. Seal the surface of the trivet following these instructions, provided courtesy of ETI
      • Use a stiff brush to remove loose bark and dirt from the sides of the trivet.
      • Apply 4 light coats of spray-on sealer to seal the top and sides, drying between coats.
      • Apply 2 layers of white glue or 3 layers of Mod Podge on the top and sides. Be sure that no pieces of bark seep into the glue sealing layers!  (*For a bubble-free and perfect coating, the project MUST be thoroughly sealed before epoxy coating is applied so it can’t seep into the wood!)
      • Elevate the project on paper cups, above a plastic-protected table surface.
      • Read and precisely follow the mixing instructions packed inside the box of Envirotex Lite. You will be mixing each epoxy batch twice so be sure to have enough measuring and mixing cups. Mix FOUR TOTAL OUNCES of epoxy to pour over the wood. Pour, allowing it to flow over the bark sides. With GLOVED hands, smear some coating on the bark sides and on the feet of the trivet.
      • After the coating has been on the trivet for about 15 minutes, use an embossing heat tool to remove bubbles in the coating. Let sit another 15 minutes and repeat once more.
      •  After the epoxy has cured for about an hour, use a paint stick to scrape off drips from the underside of the trivet.
      • Let cure in a dust-free warm room for about three days. RESIST THE URGE TO TOUCH THE EPOXY during this time – You don’t want to risk getting fingerprints on the perfect, clear, surface.
      • Other tips: Project area should be warm, dust-free and keep the kids and pets away! Do not guess at the amounts, MEASURE to be sure you have accurate and equal parts for the coating. Do not use with hot pans straight from the oven or the coating will melt – trivet can be used with warm casseroles or cold foods.

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