Graffiti Clocks

When I asked my friend, Judi Kauffman, to choose some new Walnut Hollow products and create some designs for us, I never thought she would get this funky. However, Judi is such a creative talent, I wasn’t at all surprised!  Well, maybe I was a little surprised when I opened the box full of wonderful projects and saw graffiti!!!, but I loved the two clocks Judi made using our new Square Modern Clock.  Of course, being from California, I grew up with graffiti as it could be seen on the freeways and thoughout several parts of my hometown. Living now in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, I don’t think we have any graffiti in our little town.

So, here’s what Judi started with – times two…


And, ta da, this is her incredible graffiti artwork… and the clocks actually tell time!

Graffiti Clocks by Judi Kauffman for Walnut Hollow



Walnut Hollow Square Modern Clock 39788

Walnut Hollow clock hands 27288 (red/pink clock) or 23091 (red/pink/purple/blue clock)

Walnut Hollow clockworks TQ 700P

Krink Paint Markers, assorted colors with broad and fine tips


1. Working in a well-ventilated space per the manufacturer’s instructions, use Krink Paint Markers to create a background on the clock with two to four colors.

2. Add graffiti (words, arrows, random lines and patterns) using two or more contrasting colors.

3. Alter clock hands with colors that match the clock.

4. Assemble clock.

About Krink Paint Markers, Judi says. “They are fabulous, totally opaque colors and were fun to use…”

TIP: Substitute any brand of paint pen that gives opaque color, or use acrylic paint and a brush if you prefer!

For Krink Paint Markers:

Here are some great close ups of the graffiti:


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