Sneak Peak into the Rustic Pallet Program

Earlier this week, we introduced the Rustic Pallet Program on our website ( We’ve shared 6 of the items with our shopping cart customers and these items are available only on our website. They will be shipped to many craft stores soon, but we thought we’d introduce them first for those who like to purchase Walnut Hollow items through our shopping cart. This is the first time we have done this so it will be fun to see what happens.

These items are so on-trend – you see them everywhere in magazines and a lot on Pinterest. Most folks are taking old pallets used for shipping and cutting them up, etc. However, all of us don’t have the equipment or desire to do that, so Walnut Hollow developed this program so customers can purchase the product ready to be finished.  I had a terrific time designing many ways to decorate them and use them for home décor or special occasions. I thought it would be fun to let you see the first 6 items ready for our shopping cart.






23873 low

We try to consider many different reasons our customers will like our wood products so that not only are they designed for great crafting surfaces, but we think about the functionality of a piece and how useful it will be once decorated.

These items lend themselves well to storage and organizing, clockmaking, and signmaking. Some of them are sanded so that the surface is smooth (like the clock surface, the crate, and the 3 arrow signboard) and the others were left rough just like a typical shipping pallet. Both smooth and rough offer different looks to the wood so if you want to add rub-ons to a surface, you might prefer it to be smooth. Of course, a crafter always has the option to sand down a rough surface to make it smooth – you might want to use an electric hand sander, if you have one, to make it easier.  The dark brown paint on the large piece was spray painted. It was so easy because I just gave it 2-3 coats of paint, but let it dry between coats. Even writing with a chalk pen on the small market sign worked, even though the surface is rough. The chalkboard paint I added first might have helped a bit. Fun pieces, huh? Just wait till you see the rest of them………can’t wait to show you!!!

Here’s a sneak peek to the projects I created – some instructions will be coming up in future Blogs.

40168 You is Sign Board

40181 Be yourself

40188 Wedding Cake Sign


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