Illuminated Rustic Address Plaque

House Sign Lit Up

Last month Kristin St. Clair shared her Tag Chalkboard with you – today we are sharing her brilliantly created Basswood Country Round. This is the “thick” version that our customers are loving! Not sure what all of them are using the “thick” version for, but we’ve been wood burning on them, using them in various ways for wedding planning and for serving food – just to name a few.

Kristin created an address sign idea to display outside your home. Such a great idea! Read below to see how she lights everything up……….


  1. Basswood Country Round® – Thick
  2. LED wire lights 
  3. Pencil and Ruler
  4. Utility Knife and Cutting Mat
  5. Wood Chisel and Hammer
  6. Wood Glue Sand Paper
  7. Rubber Bands
  8. Sand Paper (Fine Grit)
  9. Painter’s Tape
  10. Number Stencil
  11. Black Paint and Foam Pouncer
  12. Drill with 11/64″ bit
  13. Wood Sealer
  14. Chipboard and Craft Stick
  15. Wire Brad Nail
  16. Hanging Hardware (D-ring)
  17. Clamp


Position and center the battery pack of the LED lights on the bottom edge of the backside of a piece of basswood round. With a pencil, trace around the battery pack.
Make a chisel guide, slightly bigger than the tracing, using a utility knife and ruler.

Clamp basswood round to work surface. With a wood chisel and hammer, carefully chisel off the bark edge of basswood next to the tracing marks. Put the bark piece aside.

Chisel out the marked space, deep enough so the battery pack sits flush inside the basswood round.


Clean surfaces by removing all dust and wood shavings. Use a wood glue to affix the bark edge back to the basswood round. Rubber-bands will help hold the piece in place as it dries. Sand front of basswood round with a fine grit sand paper.


Create a number stencil. Pick a font and print out numbers to a piece of paper in an appropriate size. Cut numbers out with utility knife on a cutting mat. Save all number elements (i.e. inside circle of number 6). Position and center stencil to front of basswood round. Secure with tape. With paint and a foam pouncer, stencil the number. Remove paper stencil and let dry.


With the numbers that were cut from stencil, evenly mark 20 light holes. Tape paper numbers over painted numbers on basswood.With a drill affixed with an 11/64″ bit, drill through basswood round on marks. Clean off any wood dust and reapply number stencil. Touch up paint in and around drill holes. Let dry.

Seal wood with a wood sealer. Sand in between coats.


Flip Basswood round over. Place battery pack into place. Insert a light into each drill hole. Secure in place with tape.

Cut a piece of chipboard to fit the back of basswood round. Cut out a hole where battery pack is.With wire brad nails and a hammer, secure the clip board to the basswood.

Cut a craft stick in half and nail to basswood above battery pack. It should hold pack in place, but pivot to remove pack for battery replacement.

Add hanging hardware to back of basswood.


Kristin’s blog address:

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