Bowl of Cherries

Our friends at Elizabeth Craft Designs manufacture amazing, quality products that are usually used for card making and scrapbooking projects. I wanted to try the Peel-Off Stickers on a home décor project and I really like the way it turned out!


I started with one of our Basswood Canvas items – the 6” x 6” size.  Use a large flat brush to apply 2 heavy coats of DecoArt® Americana® Foliage Green.


I used a cross-hatching technique so there would be texture behind the Peel-Off Stickers. Look closely at the photo and you can see some of the texture. Make sure that the surface is very dry before you add the Peel-Off Stickers.

Peel-Off stickers

I carefully removed each sticker with tweezers and placed it on the Canvas where I wanted it. It was sort of like doing a line drawing but with the design elements ready to add in the form of the Stickers. I decided it would definitely be more fun to have some cherries falling down into the bowl, so I added them and the leaves. The Peel-Off Stickers in the Line Dots package added more interest and helped the cherries looking like they were falling. To make the cherry bowl appear to be on a table, I used some of the Line Dots horizontally at the bottom of the Canvas.

Included in the Line Dots package are lines of dots. You can see them in the finished project. The Canvas has a 1 1/2” cradle or edge, perfect for adding a double line of dots.

The last step of the project was to use the Tombow® Dual Brush Pen. I chose the Groovy Set. Before adding color, use your fingers to gently press the sticker lines securely to the painted surface. Carefully fill in the areas using the Dual Brush Pens. Don’t forget to fill in the little sticker dot spaces around the edges of the Canvas with color – I just added all the colors I used on the face of the Canvas around the edges too.

After everything was thoroughly dry, for a final protective finish, I sprayed the entire Canvas with 2-3 coats of varnish. Do not use a brush on varnish or you will lift the Pen colors and smear them.

There’s no need to know how to draw cherries in a bowl – just use these great Peel-Off Stickers. Can’t wait to create the next project I have in mind for using another package of Stickers! Find lots of styles of Stickers here:

I loved using the Tombow® Dual Brush Pens to add color. They were perfect to use on the acrylic background of the Canvas – it was fun to fill in the spaces of the Stickers. You can blend the areas if you want or just use bold color. Tombow has other color Sets as well. Check them out:


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