Washi Tape Box

Last Thursday when I got home from work, the latest sales booklet from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores® was in the mail. As I looked at the booklet, page by page, it was fun to see all of the projects they show next to the product they are selling.

Flyer 1flyer 2

It was a delightful surprise when I got to the last page and I recognized the Walnut Hollow Card Keeper Box made for Joann Stores by Sara, our graphic designer. She had so much fun making the Box…..and we try to keep her happy making projects, when she has time!

Washi Card Box

To make your own Washi Card Box you will need a Walnut Hollow Card Keeper Box.


To prepare the wood for painting, use fine sandpaper to lightly sand the Box. Remove any dust with a paper towel. Use a large flat brush to apply 2 coats of DecoArt® Americana® Light Buttermilk acrylic paint, sanding lightly between coats. Allow to dry.

Now to the fun part! There are so many styles of Washi tape in all the craft stores. Pick the ones you like best and adhere several styles of tape to all sides of the Box, including the lid. Use scissors to trim the ends and your fingers to press the tape securely to the Box.

side lid

Use your computer to find a font you like for the letters – C, A, R, D, S. Print the letters onto cardstock and cut in diamond shapes. Glue each letter to bakers twine. Use glue to adhere the twine on the front of the Box. Using wire cutters, remove the back of each brads and glue the brad over each end of the twine.

closeup of letters

Fill with handmade cards! There is enough room in the Box to add dividers to separate your cards into categories – Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Thinking of You, etc.

You can pick up a How-To Sheet at a JoAnn Store near you – they are in the front of the store as you walk in the door.

How-To Sheet


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