Now Santa Knows

North Pole

Santa will certainly be able to find our home this year! He lives so far away……….didn’t realize it was 3,250 miles away until I did the math, which is based upon us living in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


40459I used (2) 36” Stakes to hold up the Wide Rustic Arrow Pallet sign.  Can’t wait to put it in our front yard – the stakes will help it stay above the snow so Santa can see it!

White Krylon spray was used to easily basecoat the Arrow. Once dry, I used DecoArt’s Clear Chalkboard brush on paint so I could use Uchida’s Chalk Markers.

chalk markers

The Clear Chalkboard paint is really great because you can turn anything into a surface to use the Chalk Markers which can be wiped off and used again.

our home

holly and berries



I used the red Chalk Marker for the lettering, stitch border, and berries. The green Chalk marker was used for the holly. Use the white Chalk Marker for the final added touch of snowflakes.

Figuring out how far Santa was from Dodgeville became a math problem. “Google” can help you find the distance from your home. Merry Christmas!

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