Valentine Treat Stand

Walnut Hollow DIY Plate Cake Stand My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is the excuse to eat sweet treats! Going with that idea I decided to create a treat stand for this Valentine’s Day! I know that not everyone likes the Hallmark Holiday- but who could argue with cupcakes and cookies?? This project was very simple to create and could be applied to any holiday with a simple change of color. I started with both sizes of Walnut Hollow’s Round Plates. We carry the plates in 11.5″ and 9.5″. They are made of Basswood and are made in America. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I sanded both sides of the plates with a hand sander then sprayed the 9.5″ plate with Krylon Gloss Ballet Slipper spray paint and the 11.5″ plate with Krylon Gloss Mambo Pink spray paint. Sanding Plate Krylon Spray PaintI sprayed the basswood plates and let them dry. I sanded the surface of the plates a little more to make sure they were smooth then added two more coats of spray paint letting the pieces dry in between coats. Spraying Mambo Pink onto Wood Plate Spraying Ballet Slipper onto Wood Plate Once both plates were shiny and fully coated, I turned them upside down to paint the flat surface of the bottom of the plate with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Painting It took 2 coats to cover the Mambo Pink and 3 coats to cover the Ballet Slipper. I let the paint dry overnight then conditioned the surface with a stick of white chalk. To condition: rub chalk all over chalkboard surface then wipe off with a dry paper towel.

Be sure to read the manufacturers instructions on the chalkboard paint. If you use a different type then it might advise you to do something differently.

I added some chalk embellishments to the chalkboard surface of both plates. I used a Chalk Ink marker. These are great! They look like paint but are actually chalk! That means you can erase it! IMG_2688

Plates and hearts

Plates with hearts

After I was happy with my hearts I used E6000 glue to adhere my dollar store candle sticks to the wood plates.


I put the glue along the rim of the candle stick then pushed it into place on the wood surface.

Gluing the Cake Stands

After I finished assembling my stand and let the glue dry I filled it with Valentine’s Day treats… and there it is… the perfect excuse for some sweet treats!
Cake Stand


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