Simple Roomy Box

I feel like I should stand in front of a room and say, “Hi, I am Chris Wallace and I love boxes!” Not that I have a problem or anything, but I really do love boxes. I was beginning to write this blog and I started to name it “One of my favorite boxes”, but then I like so many of our boxes, I realized that I needed to confess!


This particular box really is one of my favorites because the artwork is so simple. The box itself is called a Roomy Box.  The lid is hinged to the box bottom. It’s made out of basswood, so it’s great for wood burning and wood carving.



I wanted a very simple design, so I stained the wood with DecoArt® ( Americana® Burnt Umber mixed with Antiquing and Staining Medium. Brush on the stain with a large flat brush and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. I stained the entire box – inside and out.


While the stain was drying, I cut my paper. Any type of decorative paper will work. I cut the strips for the bottom of the box 1 5/8” wide, 4 ¾” long for the sides and 7 ¾” long for the front. The top piece was cut with a Spellbinders die, Lattice Rectangles, Finished, the paper that was die cut is 4 1/8” x 5 1/8”.


I used medium grade sandpaper to sand all the edges of the stained box. Wipe the box with a damp paper towel to remove all the dust. I used Tombow®( MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to adhere the paper to the box.


Just add a knob by gluing onto the lid, or drill a hole and attach with a screw. Easy, simple, but really pretty!



Here are a few other ideas made with the Roomy Box. I like them all – the carved one is really easy too, even if you haven’t carved before. Would you like to learn how to make it? Let me know sometime and I’ll write a blog about it.

Okay, think about it. Doesn’t everyone love boxes?  So I really think I’m okay, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Simple Roomy Box

  1. Hubby tells me I am a box hoarder because I have so many of them! I LOVE boxes because I can store things inside them and later on come back and find all the little treasures that I stashed in there! It is a little bit like opening your stocking on Christmas morning. So much fun and they also make great gifts!! Thanks for sharing your box with me!

  2. Beautiful boxes Chris! You make me want to stay up all night and decorate one! I haven’t found a 12 step program for my calligraphy problem and I hope you don’t find one for your box “problem”!!

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