Burlap Serving Tray

by Chris Wallace


Every project you make doesn’t need to take hours and hours to complete. In fact, some of the best ideas are really quite simple – this Burlap Serving Tray is one of them!

3580 serving tray

I started with a raw tray – and it stayed that way. No need to paint, stain or anything. I used Canvas Corp burlap, cut to size for the bottom and both long sides of the Tray. Use Tombow® MONO Multi Liquid Glue to keep it in place.

attach burlap

wrap handle

I thought that the tray needed something more – maybe the handle. So, I wrapped each handle with a black waxed linen-type twine. It looked good and was easy to do. inside

I wanted the Tray to be functional too.  I didn’t think that the burlap would wear very well if the tray was used for serving food and/or drinks. The solution came with the idea of placing a piece of plexiglass in the bottom of the Tray! Our local hardware store cut the piece to fit the bottom of the tray and drilled a small hole in each corner. We added a screws to hold the plexiglass onto the bottom of the Tray.

Done! Easy? Of course!

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