Presenting Emma’s Creations

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Meet Emma!


Emma was born into a creative family with each member artistic in their own way. So it just makes sense that she would be creative as well.


Fast forward: Emma is now 12 years old and has been crafting for most of those years. As she was growing up, her parents always encouraged her creativity and took photos of her projects. Her scrapbook is huge and filled with delightful color, design and imagination.


This is a scrapbook of Emma’s crafts. They go all the way back to when she was just a toddler.Kindergarden 07-08

Created by Emma in Kindergarden.

Second Grade 09-10

Created by Emma in Second Grade.

Fourth Grade 11-12

Created by Emma in Fourth Grade.

Fifth Grade 12-13 2

Created by Emma in Fifth Grade.

I asked if Emma would like to be a part of the creative team at Walnut Hollow – thankfully she agreed to create designs just for us. It has been fun to see how she creates, how she puts colors together and how she thinks when she is designing. She knows what she likes and she likes to create in her own unique way.


We look forward to sharing Emma’s artwork with all of you. We now have a new place in the Walnut Hollow Gallery, appropriately named “Emma’s Creations”. Please check out her ideas – we think you’ll be amazed at what you see! Here are of few of Emma’s Creations.

Boutique Tissue Box

Emma’s Boutique Tissue Box


Emma’s Jewelry StationLarge String board

Emma’s Inspiration Board




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