Family Chalkboard

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

We are so excited to be blog hopping with Clearsnap today! We have so many creative projects to share with you using Clearsnap‘s high quality Made in the USA ink pads and stamps and Walnut Hollow Wood Surfaces and Tools. Let us know what you think about our projects by leaving comments. See the whole list of bloggers at the end of my post!



Family Chalkboard40057-41-portrait[1]I really like this new Natural Bark Edge Panel. After thinking of many different ways to use it, I decided to create something functional for my first project. I’m also going to share how I corrected something that happened while I was creating it.


I wanted to make the Panel more of a neutral look and have all the fun come with the colors of the Chalk Markers. I like the color combination of tan and black, so I used a large flat brush to basecoat the top panel with DecoArt® Americana® Chalky Finish Heirloom. The Chalky Finish paint is so thick and creamy – all you need is one coat. The black area was painted with Americana® Chalkboard Paint™. Make sure you follow the directions on the bottle for the Chalkboard Paint.

Now to the fun part – I wanted to include a family name and there wasn’t a better way to do it than to use Ann Butler’s EZ-De’s Flourish 2” ABC’s. So many other alphabet stamps are so small – these are just perfect! I used the Ann Butler ColorBox Crafters™ Aquamarine ink pad. Using a ruler to measure the top panel across, I marked the center with a pencil. I also drew a very thin pencil line to help keep the lettering straight.


I work from the center to stamp any name or saying. As you can see, the “N” in the center of “BRUNNER” was first, the next “N” to the right was stamped also (since I had the “N” on the acrylic block!). I like to work to the right then to the left, however if there is a repeat in letters, I make it easier on myself by working that into how I stamp the name.


After the family name was stamped, I heat set the ink with a heat tool. Then it was time to antique the top panel. I used Americana Staining and Antiquing Medium with Dark Chocolate (1:1). I applied the mix to the panel and wiped off the excess with a soft cloth. I was sad! Holy Smokes………you couldn’t see the name very well anymore. Geesch!!! Now what?


Well, I thought of many things and many words……but you don’t want to hear about that. Actually, the solution to my problem was quite simple, mainly because the ABC Stamps are clear. Ta-da! I over-stamped each letter using a darker ink color. I used ColorBox Crafters™ Stone (it’s a gray, not black). I inked each letter and could see through the acrylic block to position each stamp precisely where I had previously stamped. Again, I heat set the ink so it was permanent.

To condition the Chalkboard Paint, use regular white chalk to wipe onto the painted surface. After covering the entire area, wipe the chalk off with a soft cloth. Now the Chalk Markers will not leave any “shadow” marks when you erase.


Using Marvy Bistro Chalk Markers, I used white to write each name, then a colored Chalk Marker to add the parentheses.


A great feature for this Natural Bark Edge Panel is that the four basswood panels are attached on the back with 2 braces that include keyholes on each end of the brace. Now it’s time to easily hang it on the wall.


Thanks for stopping by to see my Family Chalkboard! Now go see what Steph Ackerman created!


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20 thoughts on “Family Chalkboard

  1. Wow, I have loved Walnut Hollow products for many, many years! How fabulous it is to now see new combinations of tools and products. So glad you joined with Clear Snap for this hop. I will be back to look at more of your posts. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful project Chris! I absolutely love it and really liked seeing your process–now I feel like I can make one too!!! Great thinking on the stone ink over the lighter lettering. Super inspiring and thank you so much for sharing it!! 🙂

  3. A beautiful and practical project! Great as you’ve shown it here or you could use it as a menu board in the kitchen especially if you have “country” decor (i.e. French Country). Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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