Days ’til Christmas

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Days Til Christmas PalletIf you need a quick Advent Calendar, there is still time to make this easy Calendar for this Christmas with a Rustic Pallet. You can save time because you don’t even need to basecoat it – just leave it as is to start your project.

Chose a stencil with lettering you like. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a straight line for the letters and trace each letter on the Rustic Pallet. If the stencil you chose includes some designs, add those to the bottom slat also.



I used a small round brush with DecoArt®Americana® Tuscan Red for the letters. The decorative design was painted in with Holly Green with a Tuscan Red dot.

IMG_2312Drill a hole for the decorative knob and screw it in place on the Pallet.

IMG_2315Attach screw eyes on the back of the Pallet braces. Thread both red and green decorative twine through the screw eyes and tie knots for hanging.

IMG_2314To make the tags, adhere layered decorative paper and ivory paper to manila tag with tape runner – I like using Dual Brush Pen to add numbers 1-25 on the ivory paper. Also make little stitch lines around the border of the paper. Tie knots at the top of the tag strings and hang on the knob in reverse order for the countdown to Christmas.

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