Personalized Wreath

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Personalized WreathWant to make a beautiful greeting for family and friends when they arrive at your home during the Holidays? This Personalized Wreath would be perfect! And if time is short, you and create this in an hour or two.

Begin by choosing a font you like on your computer and see what the initial looks like that you will use. Enlarge the initial on the computer before you print it or if it needs to be larger, enlarge it on a copy machine. Rub the back of the copy with a pencil and tape it in place on a small Basswood Country Round®. Use a stylus or a ball point pen to trace the initial onto the Round. Now it is ready to be wood burned.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter reading all manufacturer’s instructions found on the back of the Creative Woodburner® Value Pen, attach the Cone Point on the tool with pliers. Secure the tool stand to the work surface with tape. Place the Value Pen on the stand and plug into an electric outlet and turn the switch “on”. Let heat for 4-5 minutes.

IMG_2330Outline the entire initial with the Cone Point. When you are finished, remove the Cone Point with the pliers and drop into a ceramic dish or mug.

IMG_2329Use the pliers to attach the Universal Point and let the Tool heat for a minute or so. Using the side of the Universal Point, wood burn to fill in the entire letter.

IMG_2332Use a staple gun to attach a 12-15” piece of doubled red burlap ribbon onto the back of the round and tie a knot at the top back of the wreath.

IMG_2331Cut another piece of burlap ribbon approximately 24”-28” and tie and bow. Use hot glue to attach the bow onto the ribbon that is holding the Round onto the wreath.

Hang the finished project on your front door. The rustic look is a perfect welcome for your guests.


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