Rustic Snowman

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

We love our signature bark edged wood products! And who wouldn’t love a Snowman made with them?


You can see here that the Rounds come in various sizes and the Thicks are actually 1 5/8” thick, so it’s perfect to sit on its “thick” side.


I used 2 Basswood Country Rounds® – a Small and a Thick to build my snowman. And, rather than using anything cold, I used heat – actually I wood burned the snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth and buttons with the Creative Versa-Tool.

Stand the Thick on its side barked edge for the body and find the place where it will rest nicely. Mark the barked edge at the top for drilling a hole to place a dowel and also place a mark on Small Round for the head where it will sit on the side of the Thick.

Attach a bit into your drill to match the size of dowel you are using. Drill the holes and place the two Basswood Country Rounds together with the dowel to hold them together.


Use a pencil to lightly draw the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons onto the smooth surfaces of the wood. I was thinking “coal” as I drew them, so the features are not perfectly round.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANote: Before using the Creative Versa-Tool, read all manufacturer’s instructions found inside the packaging. Attach and tighten the Universal Point onto the Tool with pliers. Secure the tool stand to your work surface with tape. Place the Tool on the stand and plug into an electric outlet. Turn the Versa-Temp control dial to the “Red Zone” and heat for 4-5 minutes.

Using the Universal Point, wood burn each penciled shape. First outline the shape using the tip of the Universal Point. Fill in each shape using the flat side of the Universal Point.

Fringe the burlap (4” x 36” piece) scarf ends by pulling the “threads” out until you have about 1 ½” fringe.

Snowman Scarf Close Up-low-res

Place the scarf around the snowman, pleating and tucking into place. Pin to hold everything in place.

Tie a bow with approximately 24” of ½” red twine. Use a straight pin hidden in the knot to attach on top of the scarf.

Use the Snowman as a winter decoration for your home – this one won’t melt!



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