Easy Water Bubbles Monogram Wood Letter

National Craft Month - Walnut Hollow

My niece’s birthday is coming up next month and I wanted to send her a personalized gift to match her under the sea bedroom decor.


This 18″ wooden K was the perfect solution and was very easy to create!

Here are the supplies you will need:

18″ wooden letter of your choice

• A circles stencil (I used one by Plaid that came with 3 sheets of different designs)

• FolkArt acrylic paint in White, Aqua, Deep Ocean Blue, Ocean Cruise and Azure Blue. (Any color combination would work, so feel free to change the background to match your decor!)

• A palette for the paint and water to clean your brush

• Large 1″ flat brush

• A piece of brown paper or copy paper

• A Signo Uni-ball white gel pen (an extra fine tip paint pen is another option)


The first step is to paint your letter. I put all of the colors out on my palette and randomly picked up my blues and white on the brush. In a slip-slap motion, I blended the colors together right on the wood. Don’t overdo the blending; keep picking up fresh paint regularly.


Once the paint was dry, I used the a small piece of the brown or copy paper to lightly sand the painted surface. The wet paint pulls up the grain in the wood so you want to create a smoother surface for your pen work. Holding the circles stencil in place, I used a white gel pen to randomly place the bubbles over the entire letter…even over the sides.


The final step was to use the white gel pen to add the highlights to the bubbles. A small comma stroke works the best. That’s it…a super, easy project that can be added to any decor, both kids and adults! Do you want to spell out an entire name with bubble letters? Try these 5″ wooden letters for a different look!

Thanks for painting along with me today! You can find out more about my creative world on my blog, Atop Serenity Hill.


Bio: My name is Consie Sindet and I live in Hunterdon County, NJ. I’ve been making a living with my painting skills for the past 15+ years. I taught decorative painting for over 10 years and also painted many murals in both private homes and businesses. I spend a large part of the summer face painting at parties and fairs. My newest obsession is with mixed media and art journaling and I am currently in the beginning stages of creating two online classes about doodling and beginner art journaling.

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