DIY Enamel Painted Boxes

Walnut Hollow

Welcome to National Craft Month on the Walnut Hollow blog! Today, Leanne of Organize and Decorate Everything shares a fabulous enamel box project: I have wanted expensive Enamel Boxes for years but because of the cost I knew I would never break down and buy them. I love the way they look and being an organizer I love that I have another place to stash things out of sight. So when a crafter wants something what does she do? She makes it herself! When I saw that Walnut Hollow carried wood boxes I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes

To create these DIY Enamel Boxes you will need:

Walnut Hollow Keepsake Box
Walnut Hollow Roomy Box
Spray paint primer
Enamel spray paint in 2 colors
Craft paint in 2 colors
Tape (I used washi tape because of the width)
Sponge brush
Decorative piece for the front (I used a necklace)

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 14

You will need to use a primer on the boxes since they are raw wood. I like to use spray paint because it’s fast and easy. Spray the primer on first and wait 15 minutes. Spray first coat of paint, wait 15 minutes and apply 2nd coat. Then wait an hour for them to dry enough to touch. Because this is a high gloss enamel let the paint dry overnight before continuing the project.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 10

Use craft paint to paint the inside of the boxes. I painted 2 coats of white for full coverage.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 9

Once the paint is dry (1/2-1 hour) apply the tape to make the stripes on the inside lid of the boxes. Make sure to smooth the edges of the tape down securely. I love that there is a beautiful surprise when you open the boxes. If you’re not into stripes you can leave this step out.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 8

Apply the 2nd color to make the stripes. I used a silver gloss metallic. Apply 2 coats for full coverage. Remove the tape before the paint is completely dry to avoid the tape bringing up some of the paint.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 7

I knew exactly in my head what I wanted the front of the boxes to look like but was having a hard time actually finding the item, then I found this piece of jewelry that was perfect. You could also use a little latch, a knob or nothing at all. It’s all about personal preference. I used my husband’s cutters (that’s why they’re dirty and rusty) to take the ring part off. It was easy but protect your eyes or look away when you snap it off.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 12

Apply the decorative piece using E6000 glue and only apply it to the top of the box so it can still be opened. I turned the piece on it’s side because I like how it looks horizontal. Let the glue dry a few hours before using.

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 6

My favorite thing about crafting is that I can have what I want for a fraction of the cost. I love that they’re custom and they fit perfectly with my decor. The only problem I have now is deciding what to store in them: keys by the front door, remotes in the family room, coasters in the living room, or things on my nightstand? What would you store?

DIY Enamel Painted Boxes 2.1

If you would like to see more of my craft projects, decorating, and organizing ideas please visit me at Organize and Decorate Everything. I would love to have you come by!

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