Wood burned rustic serving set

National Craft Month - Walnut Hollow

I have always wanted to try wood burning and this was the perfect beginner project for me to get started!

Wood burned rustic serving set by Walnut Hollow • AtopSerenityHill.com

The supplies needed were minimal:


The Creative Versa-Tool® came in a great carry case and included instructions to get started and how to use all of the different tips. I only used two of the tips…the Universal Point and the Star Hot Stamping Point. If video learning is your thing, then check out this post that includes a how-to video about wood burning.

Adding wood burned lines to a wood serving tray from Walnut Hollow • AtopSerenityHill.com

The first step to creating my checkerboard pattern was to mark off every 1/2″ on the side of the tray with a pencil. I then lined up my metal ruler with the marks and used that as a guide for burning the lines into the wood. Here are a few tips:

  • Slow and steady is best. Stopping can create a darker section. So just keep moving at an even pace.
  • For thin lines, keep the wood burning tool more vertical. Don’t lean to the side as it will create a wider line.
  • Hold the tool like a pencil making sure the cord is behind your hand and out of the way!

Creating a checkerboard pattern with a wood burning tool by Walnut Hollow • AtopSerenityHill.com

To create the dark sections of the checkerboard, I used the side of the tip and dragged it between the lines. I wasn’t always perfect with each section but I think that just adds to the rustic nature of the wood!

Wood burned sides combined with a painted interior makes for a great country serving tray • AtopSerenityHill.com

To finish off the tray, I painted the inside and the sides with a dark green acrylic paint. Any color that matches your decor would work just fine! I also added a couple of marks using the Star Hot Stamping Point.

Wood burned patterns on a rustic bin create a create serving piece for a party • AtopSerenityHill.com

To accompany my serving tray, I also wood burned the Rustic Bin. This time the focus was on the Star pattern created by the Hot Stamping Point. This point was so simple to use as a decoration! I then finished off the top and bottom with a bit of the checkerboard pattern to coordinate the two serving pieces together. The inside was painted with the same dark green paint. Optional: you can seal your projects with a wood sealer if you choose.

Wood burned rustic tray by Walnut Hollow • AtopSerenityHill.com

Both wood pieces are the perfect party serving set! And when your party is over, use the tray and bin to hold potted herbs on a windowsill to bring a little of the outdoors in!

Have you tried wood burning? What was your favorite point to work with? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for creating along with me today! You can find out more about my creative world on my blog, Atop Serenity Hill.


Bio: My name is Consie Sindet and I live in Hunterdon County, NJ. I’ve been making a living with my painting skills for the past 15+ years. I taught decorative painting for over 10 years and also painted many murals in both private homes and businesses. I spend a large part of the summer face painting at parties and fairs. My newest obsession is with mixed media and art journaling and I am currently in the beginning stages of creating two online classes about doodling and beginner art journaling.

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