13 Ways to Use Basswood Country Rounds

Walnut Hollow’s Basswood Country Rounds are versatile, timeless, and beautiful, offering a rustic look to any project due to their natural bark edges. Basswood Country Rounds are best for wood burning, wood carving, wood painting, and wood stamping. You can use them in countless different ways. Here are 13 ways to use Basswood Country Rounds:

PicMonkey Collage

1. Modern & Rustic Cheese Plate

902_Cheese_Platter copy55

2. “Sweet Cabin” Wall Hanging Decor

3. Illuminated Rustic Address Plaque


4. Bark Edge Chalkboard Wedding Decor

5. Chalkboard Foodie Gift Set


6. Monogram Table Setting

7. Laminated Photo


8. Wooden Trivet

9. Owl Plaque Home Decor


10. Chalkboard Serving Tray

11. DIY Wood Clock


12. Nursery Room Wall Decor

13. Wedding Cake Stand


We hope you got some inspiration from our list for your next wood project. Check out our quality Basswood Country Rounds that are ready to stain, paint, woodburn, woodcarve, stamp or attach embellishments. Happy creating!

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