Keepsake Subway Wedding Art

Spring is definitely Wedding season and I always enjoy creating decorations and presents that can be kept and transformed into treasured home decor pieces. Walnut Hollow is the perfect company to create with because their products are made in the USA with a focus on the environment. Wooden pallets and subway art are popular in the DIY world and Walnut Hollow products give and wedding a sophisticated rustic look and feel. What better way to for the Bride and Groom to remember their special day but with a gift of personalized subway art! Create a message that speaks directly to the happy couple, then have them display it at the reception and cherish in their home for years to come!

Here’s what you will need:Walnut Hollow Rustic Pallet – 24″ by 12″. Walnut Hollow Graphite Transfer Paper. American paints by DecoArt – Terra Coral, Coral Shell, Melon, Bleached Sand, Neutral Grey and Zinc. American finishes by DecoArt – Matte Spray Sealer. Paint Brushes – #2 Round, #2 Flat, #4 Flat and 1″ Flat with stiff Bristles; Ballpoint Pen; Computer Word Processing Program; Printer and Paper; Scissors; Paint Pallet; Water Basin; Paper Towels or Old Towel and Newspaper

Here’s How I made it:

1) Decide on the wording that will be on each of the seven sections of the Rustic Pallet. Open a new document in your word processing program and create a text box for each section of the Rustic Pallet and type the copy in the text boxes. Now for the fun part! Scroll through the fonts and select a font and a size that accents each of the lines of copy. Play around with bold fonts for smaller lines of copy and condensed fonts for larger lines of copy. Use serif, sans serif and script style fonts to create interest. Print each line of copy, then cut out neatly along the text box lines with scissors.

2) Place large dollops of Terra Coral, Melon and Coral Shell on palette. Base coat front, back and sides of Rustic Pallet using 1″ flat brush. TIP: when painting an object with a rough surface the stiff bristled paint brush will assist in getting paint in all of the nooks and crannies.

3) While paint is still wet, randomly blend in areas of Melon and Coral Shell paints using 1″ flat brush. Create areas of heavier and lighter paint applications. Let dry. 4) Wash out 1″ flat brush and dry thoroughly. Place Bleached Sand, Neutral Grey and Zinc on palette. Dip brush in lightly, pounce on the palette a few times and dry brush Bleached Sand, then Neutral Grey randomly over front and sides of Rustic Pallet. Repeat with Very small sections of Zinc. TIP: practice the dry brushing technique on scrap paper until you are pleased with the result.

5) Open package of Graphite Transfer Paper and trim with scissors to fit section of Rustic Pallet. Layer Graphite Transfer Paper under first line of copy printed on paper. Hold down with hand and trace around words, transferring image on to Rustic Pallet. Repeat transfer step for each section of the Rustic Pallet.

6) Place Neutral Grey on palette and begin to paint in each word. Use #2 round brush for thinner letters and #2 flat brush for bolder letters. TIP: Don’t stress over perfect painted lines, due to the rough nature of the Rustic Pallet, rustic letters look more realistic. I find this step very relaxing. Remember to wash out your brush often and reload it with fresh paint once clean. This will keep the paint flowing smoothly. Let dry.

7) In a well ventilated area (or outside) lay down newspapers and apply several light coats of Matte Spray Sealer. I decided to use just paint to create my subway art, but if your bride and groom like a little bling – embellish with pearls, rhinestones or glitter!


 Now it’s your turn to create some personalized subway art for the upcoming wedding you will be attending this Spring! Show your special bride and groom how much you care by crafting a handmade keepsake for them to cherish for years and years to come. Walnut Hollow products can help you create a one of a kind wedding gift, on a budget! Thanks for stopping by -Beth

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