Festive Wedding Table Decor

There is something fun about creating wedding decor and this project is fast and simple, but adds a great bit of flair to the tables.

walnut hollow table numbers in arrangement

Supplies needed to create these projects:

walnut hollow chalk board wedding guest seating

How to create these wedding projects:

Table numbers:

1.  Drill a hole into the side of a basswood country round.  Then insert a dowel rod to make sure it fits.

walnut hollow drilling hole

walnut hollow adding in dowel rod

2.  Paint the basswood blanks with the chalk paint and let them dry.  Paint again on the other side.

walnut hollow adding chalk paint

3.  Using chalk, season the chalk boards on both sides by rubbing it with chalk and then wiping it off.

walnut hollow seasoning chalk boards

4.  Add the table number to both sides.

walnut hollow table numbers

5.  Add to the centerpiece.

walnut hollow table numbers in arrangement


Table assignment rounds:

1.  Paint with chalk paint and let it dry.

walnut hollow adding chalk paint

2.  Season by rubbing with the side of the chalk and then wipe it off.

walnut hollow seasoning chalk boards

3.  Using the pencil and/or the chalk, write the name and table number for each group of guests onto the blank.

walnut hollow chalk pencil

walnut hollow table assignments

4.  Put them in alphabetical order on the welcome table at the reception.

5.  Let the guests take them to mark their seats at their table.

walnut hollow table assignments on table holding seats

All that is left now is to enjoy the big day! Please leave a comment below telling us how you’d use these in a wedding or for your next party. Use the button on the upper right of our blog to subscribe to updates as we post them.

– Stephenie

3 thoughts on “Festive Wedding Table Decor

  1. I like how you combined the table number / marker with a flower arrangement. Very pretty and simple 🙂

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