Woodburned Wedding Tree Activity

This woodburned tree activity is a great way for guests to create a group gift for the wedding couple. Each guest can leave a fingerprint leaf on the tree, using an ink pad and a finger. On the table is the woodburned tree, and a mini crate with the inks and wipes to clean their fingers afterwards. I’ve participated in a paper version at a wedding for two friends. I thought the tree woodburned onto a Rustic Basswood Plank, was a nice twist on this concept. I found this fairly easy to woodburn. If you haven’t tried woodburning before, you’ll want to test out your skills on wood scraps, before starting on the wood slab. I used a wood stain to color the tree. These come in lots of colors, but you could use a colorful translucent paint instead…perhaps the wedding colors.

WALNUT HOLLOW Woodburned Wedding Tree Activity 1



WALNUT HOLLOW Woodburned Wedding Tree Activity 2


1) On the front of the Rustic Basswood Plank, use the pencil to draw a tree design. I did big branches, but you could include smaller branches too. Draw a heart on the trunk, for the couple’s first initials.

2) Screw the tapered point into the Creative Versa-Tool. Plug in the tool and switch it on. Place it on the stand while it warms up. This will take a few minutes. You want it very hot, so it burns smoothly.

3) Using the point of the tapered tip, follow the drawn lines slowly, keeping the burned lines as even as you can. No one is perfect though, and that’s ok. I found the heart to be the trickiest, since the curves are small. Just take your time.

4) Along the underside of the tree branches, root bottoms, and trunk sides, where shadows would be, make angled woodburned marks. This will add more interest to the tree, like crosshatching in drawing.

WALNUT HOLLOW Woodburned Wedding Tree Activity 4

5) Carefully woodburn the initials into the heart.

6) Use the big pink eraser to remove any pencil marks from the wood.

7) Using the small paintbrush, dip it into the wood stain. Follow the edges of the woodburned tree, fill in the tree as you go. Try to keep it as even as possible.

WALNUT HOLLOW Woodburned Wedding Tree Activity 3


1) Place two layers of paper towels on your work surface, big enough for the mini wood crate to sit on.

2) Add a cup or less of water to a plastic container. I used an old bowl. Add 1/4 cap of RIT Dye in Emerald. Mix well with the medium paint brush.

3) Brush the dye evenly onto the mini wood crate. Let it dry. Repeat until you get the desired darkness. Mine took about 4 coats. The wood soaks up the dye well.

4) Cut a leaf out of the green cardstock.

5) Write PRINT A LEAF on the cardstock leaf, with a green fine tip marker. I followed the shape of the leaf and did simple letters, to make it easy for everyone to read. I added leaves to either side of the A and leaf veins.

6) On the back of the leaf, apply horizontal stripes of glue with the AdTech Crafters Glue Runner, where it will match the mini wood crate slats. Press the leaf onto the slats.

7) Fill the mini wood crate with a pack or more of wipes, and various green ink pads. I used two random ones I had on hand.

That’s it for this activity. To make the leaves, guests can press any finger onto an ink pad. Then, firmly press that finger onto the tree. I did a few falling leaves, just as an example that the leaves don’t need to be on the branches to look good. The guests can wipe off their fingers with the wipes, and put the used ones back into the mini wood crate. Leave the ink pads on the table, with the tops on, so they don’t dry out. I left the tops off for the photos, so you could see the colors a bit. I used green ink, but you could use autumn colors and metallics for added interest. Aside from weddings, this can be done at anniversary, birthday, and other celebratory parties. It’s a great memento and gift to the honoree. You can either add picture hooks to the back, or drill holes in the wood and add cord, to hang it. You can also lean it on a shelf.

03-07-2015 losp photo 4

Abby has been an artist and crafter since she was a young child. She has been sewing and creating for 30 years. She has a degree in Fashion Design. She started her blog, Crafty Lady Abby in 2009, as a way of documenting her creations and motivating herself. She creates tutorials to share her creative knowledge and empower others to be creative. She tracks fashion and craft trends, writing about international fashion weeks, rounding up projects, and creating her own.

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