Father’s Day wood tray for Dad’s shot glass collection

Walnut Hollow wood shot glass tray, stefanie Girard

Do you have a Dad that just happens to have a collection of shot glasses either from his travels or ones given to him from other people’s adventures? Well, here is a fun project to make Dad for Father’s Day to display a handful of his favorite shot glasses that also makes a great way for him to serve his friends shots to make a special toast at celebrations.

While drilling the holes is grown-up job, deciding where the shot glasses are going to go and how to decorate and personalize this special gift is perfect for anyone of any age.

A child’s hand print in the center would be a perfect “touch”!



  • 1 1/2 inch Forstner bit
  • Drill press
  • pencil
  • circle template

Walnut hallow country round, shot glass tray, Stefanie Girard

Step 1

Arrange the collection of shot glasses around the parameter (or any way you like) on the thick Basswood Country Round®. Trace the bottom of each glass. Use the circle template to mark the four guide points. Draw lines to form an “X” creating the center point mark.

how to make a shot glass wood tray, stefanie Girard

Step 2

Drill holes in the wood round about 3/8 of an inch deep. Align the drill bit manually with the center of the hole using the center of the “X” as your guide. Be sure to wear proper eye protection and work safely.

Tip: I placed a towel down onto the bed of the drill press so the back side of the wood wouldn’t get dirty or scratched. It also helped keep the wood slab steady while drilling and made cleaning up the sawdust easier.

Ryobi forstner drill hole in Walnut Hollow wood, stefanie Girard

It isn’t necessary to be exact as your shot glass collection is likely to have different size glasses in it so you can arrange them as they fit best. Work your way around clearing off the sawdust after each hole. Take your time and go slowly. No need to rush and push hard, let the drill bit do the work.

Shot glass wood tray, drill holes, stefanie girard

Step 3

Glue the letters “DAD” onto the wood in the center area the way you like them. I placed them randomly around the center using the grain of the wood as a bit of a guide. This is the time that the kids can embellish and personalize it any way they like.

If shot glasses aren’t your Dad’s thing, but you like this idea there are lots of other glasses and even little bowls would nestle into these holes and look pretty. I liked these little soy sauce bowls from my stash as well.

Walnut Hollow tiny bowl tray, Stefanie Girard

I hope you’ll give this idea a try and create a tray to display and present a collection of glassware filled with something good.

Want to create this project for Dad?

Use code BASSWOOD for 20% off at checkout on all Basswood surfaces through June 18th at WalnutHollow.com.


Thanks for taking time to check out this tutorial and if you’d like to see more of my crafting with a re-purpose and adult coloring pages pop on over to my blog Sweater Surgery.

Stefanie Girard with scissors

Stefanie Girard is a crafter with a re-purpose. She has been cutting stuff up since she was old enough to hold a pair of scissors in her tiny hands. She earned her degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and move to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry first as a Set Decorator and Prop Master then onto TV Producer specializing in How-To TV shows for HGTV and the DIY Networks. After writing 5 craft books for the Quarto Publishing Group she now spreads the crafty word online through book reviews and original projects with a focus on recycled elements.

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