DIY Barbecue Spice Caddy

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Summer means grilling and picnics outside!  To help keep all your spices, rubs, and other condiments organized next to your grill, make this fun wood organizer.  You can paint it any color you like, and customize it with a logo or message that is special to you.  This simple project is easy to make and would make a great gift, too!



BBQ Spice Caddy part 1

Step one:  Stack the mini crates and use wood glue to adhere them to each other.  Use wood glue to attach the arrow sign to the crates.  Set it aside to dry.

Step two:  Spray paint the crates and arrow the desired color.  One of the many things I love about Walnut Hollow wood is that is so easy to paint.  No sanding or other extra steps needed.  I used a spray paint with a built in primer, so it only took two applications of paint to quickly cover all the surfaces.

BBQ Spice caddy part 2

Step three:  To add a fun message or other customization to your caddy, you can use stencils and paint.  Here’s my little trick for quickly adding an image to a wood surface:  use printable tattoo paper!

Good Eats Printable

I’ve attached the image that I designed if you want to copy it and use it.  Simply print the image on the tattoo paper, follow the instructions on the pack to adhere the glue, then transfer the image to the wood surface.  You can seal the image with a spray on sealant.

DIY Spice Caddy

I designed this caddy so it can be used two ways.  I like setting it longways next to the grill so the top can hold larger bottles or even be used as a rest for utensils.  However, it can also be placed with the arrow pointing up if you have a tighter space or just not a lot of room next to your grill.

Walnut Hollow DIY

Once you’re done grilling, you could always move this caddy over to the patio table and use it to hold salt, sauces, or other condiments. My caddy says “Good Eats”, but what will your caddy say?

Have fun grilling and serving in style!

Tattoo paper image

morena Ciao! My name is Morena, and I’m a retro-loving, budget minded crafter. I’d rather have paint on my fingernails than some fancy manicure! My passion is using thrifted and inexpensive items to create designer inspired creations. I love the use of bright colors, and I like to create quirky, unexpected projects. I enjoy crafting with my 4 kids, and I am so grateful that I get to craft full time.  You can find me at my site, Morena’s Corner.morenoscornerheader

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