Picnic Crates

I love everything to do with Summer, especially eating outdoors. Picnics and barbecues free me from the hot kitchen and let me spend more time with my family, plus who likes to eat heavy food when it’s so hot outside. I also love cute picnic supplies so I decided it would be fun to make individual picnic crates for my family.

Individual Picnic Crates and Totes are perfect for Summer picnics at the park

Supplies Needed:

Walnut Hollow Rustic Tote
Walnut Hollow Mini Crate
Mason jars
Drink bottles
Paper straws
Washi tape
Bakers twine
Scrapbook paper

You don’t necessarily need all these supplies. I like to add embellishments to my projects, but you can add as little or as many things as your creative heart desires.

Picnic Crates supplies.1

Start by painting the tote. I wanted the paint to be more like a stain so I diluted it with water (which was perfect because I was low on paint). The wood soaks up the paint really well so I just did one quick coat.

Picnic Crates tote.1

The tote is rustic so it had some pretty rough edges. I sanded the surfaces to smooth everything out a bit and then sanded the edges to distress it. I love this color for Summer and how the wood grain shows through.

Picnic Crates sanded tote.1

I have so many bright colors being added to this project that I decided to leave these little crates natural. Aren’t they awesome?! I just love them and they can be used for so many awesome storage and craft projects. I purchased these metal tags at a local shop and added them to the crates with twine to add some temporary color.

Picnic Crates with tags.1

Make a little banner with the washi tape to go on the front of the tote.

Picnic Crates banner.1

I like to use individual serving size jars for salads so there are no leftovers to take home. Add scrapbook paper to the lids to personalize them.

Picnic Crates jar lids.1

It only takes a few minutes and I love all the fun colors. This is a great way to get rid of paper scraps and if you don’t have enough color of one item such as the washi tape or bakers twine.

Picnic Crates jars.1

Keep individual utensils together by wrapping them in napkins and securing them with washi tape.

Picnic Crates utensils.1

The tote holds 2 large mason jars full of fruit for the picnic. The large jars are for sharing, so add whatever food your family likes to them.

Picnic Crates jars in tote

Making individual picnic crates was a brilliant idea. I got the crates ready in the morning and then popped them back in the fridge until it was picnic time. The kids were responsible for their own crates so I only had the tote and blanket to carry. Everything was individually prepared so it could be custom made for each family member.

Picnic Crates at park.1

Put a sticker on top of the drink bottle so everyone knows their crate. We included a hoagie sandwich, chips, salad, 2 cookies, and a drink in each crate.

Picnic Crates packed dinner

This is such a fun and easy way to pull off a fun picnic. These crates would be a great idea for a backyard barbecue or party too.

Picnic Crates dinner

The crate is a level place to hold your drink and keep everything tidy. It was easy to pack everything up and take it home with no mess.

Picnic Crates drink.1

The picnic was a huge success and another fun thing we’ll remember from this Summer. I can’t wait for many more Summer picnics with my family.

Picnic Crates picnic

I mentioned earlier that these Walnut Hollow crates were so functional. I can see using them in the office to hold small supplies, in the bathroom to hold hair items, in the kitchen to hold spices and pantry items, in the bedroom to hold small items on the side table, in the craft room to hold numerous crafty things, or in the family room to hold video games.

What are some ways you can think of to use these mini crates and rustic tote? Visit the website for many more wood products that would be perfect for your outdoor Summer entertaining.

leanne-headshot 1 copy-2 cropped

If you like this project I would love for you to visit me at Organize and Decorate Everything where I share organizing ideas, decorating projects and ideas, craft projects, DIY projects, tips and recipes.

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