Wood Burning on Leather

Obviously, wood burning could be done on other surfaces other than wood. It can also be applied on other base materials like leather and even card stock. Here we have gathered 12 stunning projects on wood burning on leather. Most of them are so quick and easy to make, there are a few that requires a bit more flair and experience in holding a burning tool but everything is so much fun and creative! Check them out!

PicMonkey Collage


1. Guitar Strap

2. Wrapped Around Bracelet



3. Purse

4. Belt



5. Flat Shoes

6. Cuff



7. Leather Belt Picture Frame

8. Wallet



9. Fold Over Clutch

10. Hair Clips


Leather bracelet

11. Bracelets For Men

12. Bracelet for a Woman

We hope you enjoyed this round up post and it made you feel excited to grab a burning tool and some leather and create something awesome! Be sure to check out Walnut Hollow’s easy-to-use and versatile burning tool! Happy crafting, everyone!

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