Minecraft Inspired School Supply Storage Boxes

Minecraft Boxes

School is back in session, and it’s time for a lot of us to switch gears from the the lazy days of summer and head into days filled with activities and homework.  I find that having school supplies organized and in one place makes it so much easier to get homework and projects done!  Decorating your storage space makes homework just a little more fun, too, I say.  This year I was inspired by my son’s favorite game, Minecraft, to make some cool and functional storage boxes for his desk.  His most used school items (pencils, glue, calculators, etc.) are neatly stashed away inside these decorated Walnut Hollow boxes.

Minecraft Walnut Hollow


  • Walnut Hollow Card Keeper Box (3)
  • Americana MultiSurface Paint in various colors
  • Cardstock in various colors
  • Square Paper Punch – 3/4″
  • DecouPage or glue

MC step 1

Step one:  Paint each box in a color that represents the Minecraft character your child likes. Be sure to remove the lid and paint it separately from the box, otherwise the paint will dry and seal the lid to the box.  I used green for the zombie, white for the skeleton, and buff beige & brown for Steve.  For the box inspired by Steve, I painted the sides and top brown, and used tape to outline the hair line on the front, as pictured.

MC Step 2A

MC step 2 C MC step 2B

Step two:  Use the square paper punch to cut out square “pixels” in various colors.

  • Skeleton:  10 black, 2 gray
  • Zombie: 4 black, 2 gray
  • Steve:  2 blue, 2 white, 2 orange, 6 brown

MC step 3

Step three:  Use a pencil and ruler to mark the line where you will glue the squares.  Use a small amount of Decoupage or glue to adhere the squares to the box.  Use the photos as a guide.

Minecraft Storage

Pretty cool storage boxes, don’t you think?  This is one of the rare times that I have made something for my son that made his eyes get big and had him exclaim, “WOW, is that for me?”  Minecraft is still hugely popular, and I bet these school supply storage boxes would be a big hit with kids in your life.  I only made three characters, but there are so many more to choose from.  Which Minecraft characters would you try to craft?

morena morenoscornerheader

Italian born and bred, Morena is the kind of girl who would rather have paint on her fingers than have a manicure. The daughter of two DIYers, she and her husband strive to pass the tradition and value of handmade to their four children. Morena’s passion is using thrifted and inexpensive finds to craft designer inspired creations, and she excels in creating colorful, bold pieces. She is on several design teams, but the best place to find her is at her blog, Morena’s Corner.



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