DIY Geometric Woodburned Basswood Round Trivet

The Autumn and Winter holidays are quickly approaching, full of large festive parties and lots of guests. If you’re in need of custom tableware for a gift or your own home, this tutorial will help you. Trivets are used under hot dishes, to protect the table from being scorched. The Basswood Country Rounds come in many sizes, making them great for various size dishes. They are commonly used as chargers under plates, which this project would fit that need too.






To make this project, follow my video tutorial.

This trivet uses woodburning, watercolor, and silver paint to create the colorful geometric design. It’s sealed with Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss to make cleaning easy. After the 30 day curing time, the trivet can be washed! I chose an intricate geometric design, but you could use this technique for any design…floral, monogram, pumpkins…etc. Feel free to decorate both sides, chose a different color palette, and play with metallics. The creation is all your own design.


I used the same techniques to create four floral coasters. For the top right coasters, I used ClearSnap pigment inks and cotton swabs to color in the design. While that provides a sheer bright color, I found the coloring technique tedious. I’ll revisit coloring with a different ClearSnap ink. The other coasters use the same watercolor paints as the trivet. All of the coasters have the same sealer as the trivet. These are chunky coasters, great for those big mugs and cups. You can decorate both sides if desired. When not using the trivet and coasters, you can set them up for display, as mini artworks.

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Abby has been an artist and crafter since she was a young child. She has been sewing and creating for 30 years. She has a degree in Fashion Design. She started her blog, Crafty Lady Abby in 2009, as a way of documenting her creations and motivating herself. She creates tutorials to share her creative knowledge and empower others to be creative.

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