DIY Wood Burned BFF State Sign

BFF State sign gift - The CraftShack for Walnut Hollow

I have the greatest best friend! We have been friends for a really long time. She is always there for me, but we live pretty far apart these days and rarely see each other.  Friends like her don’t come along very often. She is pretty special.  I wanted to make her a thoughtful gift this year and I love handmade gifts. This BFF sign was the perfect project to practice my wood burning skills on. It is so simple to make. It is the perfect beginner wood burning project.

Walnut Hollow Wood Burned state sign - materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make your BFF state sign:

Before beginning sand your plaque lightly, if needed.

Rather than free handing this design onto the plaque, which you could certainly do, I chose to print it out on my computer and trace the design onto the Basswood Rectangle Plaque using a transfer paper first.  Choose a font you love and print out the quote.  I love this cute little saying: “Best friends forever never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart.” It is the perfect little quote to use on the BFF state sign.

Print out both states.  You will need your state, and the state your best friend lives in. Draw a heart on each state where you live. You’ll connect the two hearts with a dotted line later.

Wood burned gift - trace the design with graphite transfer paper

Place your transfer paper on the plaque, and your printed template over the transfer paper and secure them in place with the masking tape.

Trace your printed design with a pencil or pen.  You don’t need to press very hard to transfer the design.

Burning the design into the Walnut Hollow state sign gift

With the temperature set to the highest option use the flow point or the universal point on the Creative Versa-Tool®  and trace your design slowly on the wood. I really like the flow point.

WH wood burned state gift - stain the wood

After your design is burned onto the plaque it’s time to stain it. Using gloves and a soft cloth rub the stain evenly over the whole sign.

Let the stain dry completely.

WH wood burned state sign - paint the states

To highlight the states and help them to stand out a little you can paint right over the stain. Water down the red and white acrylic paints to make them thinner and fill in the hearts, and the states. The watered down paint will give it a colored stain and white washed look.

Walnut Hollow wood burned state sign - BFF gift

After your paint is dry use the light satin varnish to seal the plaque.  You can brush it on with a paintbrush or wipe it on using a soft lint free cloth.

Let your varnish dry completely.

Walnut Hollow wood burned gift BFF never apart state sign

If you don’t think your best friend would like this sign, it’s so easy to customize it for someone who would! You could replace the words Best Friends and instead put Sisters forever, or Family forever. There are so many options. You can customize the state colors, or change up the hearts. Hang it on a gallery wall, or display it on a shelf. Do you have a best friend or family member that is far away and would appreciate a reminder about how much you love them?

Kelli @ Ks Craft Shack

Kelli spends any extra time she has crafting in her Craft Shack. She had so much fun documenting the creation of the Craft Shack that she decided to start documenting all of the Craft Shack adventures.  A hobby blog turned into a creative outlet, and a fantastic way to meet other like minded creative junkies. As a busy mom of 3 sometimes she doesn’t have as much creative time as she would like. You can often find her squeezing in 15 minutes here or there to get a craft finished.  Stop by and check out the Craft Shack adventures, you never know what you might find in the little crafty garden shed out back!

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