Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape


Holidays where family gathers for large meals, are great for festive tablescapes. This woodburned centerpiece combines two Rustic Wood Ledges with a Small and an Extra Large Basswood Country Plank. It can hold candles, flowers, sauces, hors d’oeuvres, wine, the name of that mystery distant cousin…etc. This project does require that you be comfortable using either a hand or table saw…or know someone who is willing to cut the wood for you. Thanks dad! My ever helpful dad also recommended and explained how use Gorilla Glue for this project. It’s amazing glue that worked quickly and bonded the wood well. The Creative Versa-Tool comes with many screw on tips to make wood burning easy. This is a beginner level wood burning project.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 9



1)On the Extra Large and Small Basswood Country Planks, measure 3″ up on the back, along both bark edges. Mark with a pencil.

2) With a table or hand saw, cut along those measurement marks. I had my dad do this with his table saw. We ended up with a small strip left over with the Extra Large plank.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 1

3) From the center, working outwards, using the ruler and pencil, mark every 2″ at the bottom. 2″ up, stagger the marks 1″ from the previous ones, still keeping them 2″ apart. Connect these with the ruler, to create triangles. Inside each triangle, using the ruler and pencil, mark two smaller triangles, 1/4″ apart. In the negative space, using the ruler and pencil, draw two long lines, about 3/4″ away from each other. Create this design on all 4 cut wood pieces.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 2

4) Using the Creative Versa-Tool and Universal Point, on high, woodburn the lines by carefully tracing them with the tip.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 3

5) Work on one piece and paint color at a time. Use the detail paintbrush for painting sharp corners. Use the small flat paintbrush for painting bigger sections. Some colors will require 2-3 coats, for even coverage. To get brick red, mix 3 parts red to 1 part purple. To get teal, mix even parts blue and green. The layered triangles represent trees. The stripes represent the sky.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 4


6) Dip a rounded paintbrush handle end into gold paint. Make a dot on the purple section. Continue doing this, creating a staggered polka dot pattern.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 5

7) Paint the two short sides of each piece purple.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 10

8) Using the bowl of water and sponge brush, damped one long exterior side of each Rustic Wood Ledge.

9) Apply dots of Gorilla Glue along the center of one damped long side. Press the two ledges together.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 6

10) Use clamps to hold the pieces together while they dry for 30-60 minutes

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 7

Repeat steps 8-10 for each of the painted pieces, attaching them to the exterior of the bonded Rustic Wood Ledges. The extra large planks will overlap the small planks. I worked one piece at a time, because I only have 3 clamps.

11) Paint the interior orange with a large flat brush.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 8

12) You can either sand the top corners to match each other, or paint any non-matching corners the same brick red color.

13) OPTIONAL: Spray the painted wood with clear sealer. This helps protect the paint and preserve the bark.

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape 11

For this project’s artwork, I chose a modern vision of trees and sky in Autumn colors. You could certainly create your own design with a different color palette. I’ve been leaving the bark its natural color the last few projects. If you would like raw bark for this project, use a clear glue to seal it. This will keep any pieces from easily breaking off. This style of wood burning is great for beginners, as the pattern is simple and repeats. For a natural look, use stains instead of paint, to add color and create a faux inlay appearance. Whatever design you chose, have fun with it. Happy Makery!

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Abby has been an artist and crafter since she was a young child. She has been sewing and creating for 30 years. She has a degree in Fashion Design. She started her blog, Crafty Lady Abby in 2009, as a way of documenting her creations and motivating herself. She creates tutorials to share her creative knowledge and empower others to be creative.

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