Turn a Pallet Into a Photo Frame

Buying a gift just to be buying is not my style.  I try to personalize or create what I gift because it is more meaningful and handmade really shows how much you care.  I personally love pictures.  So many of my gifts include pictures.  Whether it is a photo book or a picture frame, a photo captures a moment in time that will last forever.

Walnut Hallow-Pallet-photo-frame-Jenn Cochran

Everything you will need to turn a pallet into a photo frame:


Collecting your supplies in advance make this a fast and easy decor project to create for that someone special.

How to:

Start by sanding any extremely rough areas on the Rustic Scallop Signboard.  For a shabby Chic look, paint the pallet a dark color (I used a dark brown) and then paint it a lighter color (i used warm white).  Be sure to let each coat dry completely.  Start with a medium grain sand paper and lightly sand over the dry layered paint.  Once you see the darker color showing up through the lighter paint, move to the next area.  I try to achieve a streaky look with a nice balance of dark and light paint.  I concentrate on the edges because this is where the paint would naturally be worn on a truly old piece.  You can also paint your pallet a single color for a nice clean modern look.

Once you have achieved the look you desire, whether it be Shabby Chic or clean and modern, the next step is to choose your photos.  You want to be able to see a good amount of the Rustic Scallop Signboard behind your photos.  To achieve this I choose 3×4 sized photos.  I also choose close up shots instead of a subject that is further away.  By doing this you create a much more eye pleasing photo frame.  A theme to your photo selection really ties the pallet together.  My theme was a focus on myself and my son Bean.  It was a collection of all the summer activities we enjoyed together.


Photos can be protected on home decor pieces by adding a thin layer of decoupage.  The Rustic Scallop Signboard is the perfect base for a photo frame gift.

Adhering the photos is a cinch.  I use double sided tape runner that is acid free.  I simply place my photos where I want them and then tape them down on the back.  Add a layer of matte finish decoupage over the top and just to the outside of the photos.  Make sure not to cover the entire wood surface of the pallet with decoupage.  Let this step dry completely.  I recommend overnight.  If you are a more visual person, click below and view my YouTube video on Turning a Pallet into a Photo Frame.

After your project had dried completely, you can now add a ribbon treatment to the finished Pallet Photo Frame.  I used a stapler to attach my bow.  I choose an area that would not show the shiny staples.  The bow finishes off the Pallet Photo Frame.

Walnut Hallow-Pallet-photo-frame-Jenn Cochran4

Is your style Shabby Chic or Modern?  Or maybe you have a mix of both!  Leave a comment and let me know. Like this project? Get supplies for this project and more at WalnutHollow.com, where we are having a sale for 20% off everything!:


Jenn Headshot 1

Hi, I’m Jenn Cochran from Jax Bean Stalks.  I am a handmade greeting card designer.  I like to dabble in home decor and mixed media.  My 1st love is cooking so most weekends you will find me making elaborate meals for my family.  I spend all of my free time enjoying the Colorado outdoors with my son, Bean.  For more crafty ideas and How To Videos, visit me at Jax Bean Stalks.

16 thoughts on “Turn a Pallet Into a Photo Frame

  1. I love to see uses for pallets like this. It gives things such a pretty, rustic look. I think my personal look is a combination of modern with shabby chic and a little bit of vintage. (Or is that part of the shabby chic??)

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