Sparkly Serving Tray Gift

‘Tis the season for giving gifts…and for many of us that means we’re also busy creating just the perfect thing to give each loved one on our list! Today, I want to share with you a gift I made for a friend who absolutely loves two things: coffee and glitter. I started with a basic wooden serving tray and turned it into a sparkly present that’s perfect for holding her coffee and treats. Here’s how I did it and you can too!


Walnut Hollow Serving Tray
DecoArt Metallic Lustre, Red
Paint Pen, Silver
Pink Glitter
Paint brush
Card stock and circle punch or circle stencil

Step 1: Sand your tray.
You can, of course, do this by hand, but I found it much easier to use my cordless power sander. Make sure to wipe your tray with a lint free cloth to remove any dust before moving on to the next step.


Step 2: Apply Metallic Lustre to the surface of the tray.
Metallic Lustre is a water-based wax that gives your project a colorful, metallic finish. I like to apply it with my finger for the most part, then use a small brush to touch up tricky spots like corners. Once the wax is dry to the touch, which usually takes less than 15 minutes, buff it gently with a cloth for maximum sheen.


Step 3: Create your polka dots.
If you happen to have a stencil, by all means, use it! Otherwise, you can create your own like I did by using a circle punch and a piece of card stock. Position your stencil wherever you want your dots to be and fill in the circles with paint. I used light pink, but you can use any color combination you like.

Step 4: Apply glue and glitter.
Squeeze your glue onto each dot and spread it around to fill the circle completely. Gently shake glitter onto the dots and press gently. Remove the excess glitter by turning the tray upside down and lightly tapping. I like to do this outside over a trash can or empty box.


Step 5: Add a message.
Since my friend loves glitter and sparkly things, I thought “shine” would be an appropriate word to add to the side of the tray. I used a metallic paint pen to write my word in hand lettering, but you could also use stencils or adhesive vinyl if you prefer.


Step 6: Fill your tray!
Once the wax, glue, and paint are all completely dry, you’re ready to use or gift your tray. Since my friend is a coffee lover, I added a mug, which I also hand lettered, some coffee, and a little sweet treat.


This was such a fun project to make, and it sure is a personal gift to share with a friend. You can totally customize it based on your friend’s favorite colors and decorating style so that it’s something he or she will really love. What do you think? Is this a gift idea that would work for someone on your list this holiday season?


Thanks so much for having me here today to share my Sparkly Serving Tray project! I hope you’ll check out all the other great products Walnut Hollow has to offer and that you’ll stop by and visit me at One Artsy Mama soon.


Amy Latta, aka One Artsy Mama, is passionate about inspiring her online community by sharing honest inspiration for everyday life.  On her blog, you can find craft and home decor projects that are Honestly Doable, kids’ projects that are Honestly Teachable, style tips and DIY jewelry that are Honestly Wearable, and much more!  Amy is happiest when crafting, and when she’s not covered in paint, you can find her working on professional design collaborations like holiday gift tags for GAPxDarbySmart. She is a jewelry blogger for Craftsy, a finalist for the Tombow Design Team, and recipient of the 2015 “Best Craft Blog” in The Craftys awards.


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