Featured Community Artist: Stefanie Girard


We are very excited to share our next Featured Community Artist: Stefanie Girard! Stefanie has been a regular contributor to the Walnut Hollow blog through our Walnut Hollow Influencers Program, creating several videos that have been featured on our Facebook Page. We sat down with her to get a better idea of how she creates, how she is inspired, and where you can find more of her work. Here is her story:


Stefanie Girard is a crafter with a re-purpose. She has been cutting stuff up since she was old enough to hold a pair of scissors in her tiny hands. She earned her degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and move to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry first as a Set Decorator and Prop Master then onto TV Producer specializing in How-To TV shows for HGTV and the DIY Networks. After writing 5 craft books for the Quarto Publishing Group she now spreads the crafty word online through original projects with a focus on recycled elements and designing adult coloring pages.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.08.55 AM

WH: Tell us a little about yourself:

SG:  I’m a Professional designer. My tag line is “A crafter with a re-purpose” as I love making new things with unusual elements often traditionally discarded.

WH: What inspires your work?

SG:  Oh everywhere. But I would say books. I can’t open a book and not get an idea. Event the book itself can be an inspiration for a project. Whether it’s the graphics, type, or shape of the book or the interior pages, books are an amazing source of inspiration.

sizzix die cut skull shirt halloween girard

WH: How did you get started making art?

SG:  I was a child that was given recycled paper and cardboard boxes from my Dad’s office and crayons, scissors and glue rather that coloring books and toys. I made all the furniture for my doll house and sewed the clothes for my dolls. My Mom allowed me to use the sewing machine as soon as I asked to learn how and I never looked back!

Yes, I went to college for Industrial Design at Pratt Institute so I am a formally trained designer.

I am lucky enough to have made a full time career creating first for the entertainment industry as a Set Decorator and Prop Master, then as a “How-to” TV show Producer for HGTV and the DIY Networks on shows including Knitty Gritty, Simply Quilts, Sew Much More, DIY Jewelry Making and Embellish This and as an author of craft books including Sweater Surgery: How to Make New Things with Old Sweaters.

There is no line in my life between my professional and hobby time as they are the same thing.

recycled sweater hat trees zipper tree

WH: What is your favorite way to use wood in your art?

SG:  My favorite way to use wood in my work is in an unexpected way. I love to build things and using wood elements in an unconventional way is a personal challenge.

WH: What’s your favorite Walnut Hollow product to work with?

SG:  The letters, both the giant ones and the tiny ones along with the wood burning letter tips. I love working with type and fonts and there are endless possibilities for creativity with wood letters and tools.

stefanie girard cha amineko

WH: What do you do for “fun”, besides creating fabulous DIY projects and art?

SG:  Work on my house 🙂 I like to visit Little Free Libraries and swap books – here is a link to all of the ones I’ve been to:

WH: What’s the next step for your business and art?

SG:  I will have my quote based adult coloring pages available for download at http://www.chameleonpens.com/

WH: Where can we see more of your work?



Every day, thousands of artists across the globe use Walnut Hollow products and share them on the internet. We’ve seen incredible pyrography paintings, beautiful chalk painted home decor, adorable clay figures, and more created with our products and tools and now, we’d like to share the story behind those artists with you. Want be to featured? Share your work on our Facebook Page.

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