DIY Floating Book Shelf

Organize Kid's Books

I can’t imagine a home without books. Growing up an Army dependent, with every move, my sister and I were tasked with whittling our toys down to one box. But, when it came to our books, there was no limit. To this day, I have a hard time letting go when it comes to books and as much as I appreciate carefully organized shelves, my toddler does not.

There’s nothing fun about a book spine, you could have the most spectacular picture book but looking at it on a book shelf, it might as well be a dictionary. A floating book shelf is the perfect option for organizing your child’s library while still making it easy for them to see all their treasures. With a Walnut Hollow Rustic Wood Ledge and a bit of paint you can make one for your littles or yourself!

Floating Book Shelves - Organization Idea


Supplies for a DIY Floating Book Shelf


1. First, I gave the outside of the ledge a quick sanding.

2. Next I painted the outside of the ledge turquoise and the inside black.

Painting a DIY Floating Book Shelf

3. I have horrible handwriting, so while I would have loved to freehand this classic quote, I was worried no one else would be able to read it. So, I went old school.

I printed the quote in Word – making sure the letters were no more than an inch and a half tall. Then I cut and centered it on the ledge, be sure to have a ruler handy, it’ll make it super easy.

Tracing Quote onto Floating Book Shelf

I sandwiched the graphite paper between the quote and the ledge and taped it all down with washi tape. This sounds complicated but in reality takes less than five minutes. 

From there I traced the quote with a pencil, transferring the graphite to the ledge.

5. Using the tracing as a guide I painted my phrase with multiple colors.

Painting Quote Onto Kid's Book shelf

Made in the USA, Walnut Hollow products are durable and the light color of the wood makes burning another great option if you’d rather not paint.

6. Lastly, I added hanging hardware.

Adding Hardware to DIY Book Shelf

A floating book shelf is a practical decor idea for any child’s room and with a quick paint job you can match it to any theme or color palette. 

DIY Kid's Floating Book Shelf

Package a shelf with a few books and you’ve got the perfect gift for new parents.

Do you have a favorite children’s book you like to give? Leave a comment and let us know!

Organize with a Colorful Floating Book Shelf

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Erin is a writer, crafter, and homeschooling mother of four based in rural Missouri. On her blog, My Very Educated Mother, she shares projects, crafts, recipes, family activities, and household tips, aimed at encouraging readers to foster creativity in their lives and homes.

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