Organizing My Studio With Walnut Hollow

I’ve been in search of an antique tool caddy for a while now but haven’t been able to find one the right size in my price range.  So I decided to take a Walnut Hollow Rustic Tote and make it look old.  I plan on using these two totes to corral all the tools, pens, pencils, markers, and paintbrushes in my studio.  I’ll use the Walnut Hollow Serving Tray to carry my projects from room to room.

01 - BEFORE Walnut Hollow studio desk organization copy

Supplies Needed:

Step One:  I covered the entire surface with Primitive.

02 - Walnut Hollow Rustic Pallet and Rustric Tray after first coat of paint copy

Step Two:  I tested a different technique for the second coat, applying the paint with a piece of cardboard and scraping off all the excess.  One tote got a coat of Escape, a turquoise blue color, and the other got Berry Red.

03 - Second coat of paint copy

Step Three:  One tote only got two coats of paint.  I wanted the red to peek through a top layer of blue on the other so I applied some petroleum jelly along the edges.

Step Four:  Then I layered on a thick coat of Escape.

Step Five:  After it was dry the paint easily wiped off the places with the petroleum jelly.

Step Six:  The paint colors were still a little bright for me so I added one more layer.  I made this dark wash by mixing burnt umber acrylic paint and water.  I brushed it on with a sponge brush and wiped it down with a rag.

05 - Burnt Umber paint wash copy

Here’s a close up of what it looked like after all the layers were dry.

06 - Finished paint layering copy

I used one tote for my jewelry tools.  The handle turned out to be the perfect shape to hold the tools I use most often.  It’s quick and easy to grab them.  The other tote holds my pens, pencils, and markers.  The handle makes it easy to take them downstairs when I want to spread out on my dining table.

The serving tray is holding beads in the photo below.  I just laid a piece of red felt in the bottom.  That keeps the beads from rolling around so much when I’m working out a new pattern.

07 - Desk organization with Walnut Hollow

Now I’ve just got the rest of my studio to organize!  Thanks for reading my project.  Leave a comment and let us know what needs to be organized in your house.

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I’m Ann Tatum from Duct Tape and Denim.  I’m a jewelry designer but I can’t contain my creativity to just jewelry!  From childhood I’ve loved just about every craft I’ve ever tried.  And my studio currently looks like I’m enjoying every craft!  I especially love upcycling vintage finds.  I raised two daughters who are now married, have one grandson, and live with my musical husband and the boss of our house, the cat.  Follow our adventures on

3 thoughts on “Organizing My Studio With Walnut Hollow

  1. My craft room is always needing re-organization. I too love all kinds of crafts, so as my stash grows so does the need for organization because I outgrow them with time. Love how yours turned out!!

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