Featured Community Artist: Jamie Dougherty


We are very excited to share our next Featured Community Artist: Jamie Dougherty! Jamie loves to create custom art pieces, and commissions work for customers all over the world. Her designs can also be seen in the arts and crafts industry in the form of stamps and creative stencils.  Jamie also sculpts and creates one of a kind, hand sculpted art dolls. She’s been featured in Somerset’s Doll Quarterly and also teaches others the techniques she’s developed to create her three-dimensional works of art. Here is her story:

Jamie Dougherty 6

WH: Tell us a little about yourself:

JD: I guess you can call me a woman of many hats. I do create gallery art and it’s an honor when I see it hanging on a wall next to so many other talented arts; but i also do product design work with my art. I have designed stamps and stencils for the crafting industry. With that I enjoy using my products to create mixed media works of art as well.

WH: What inspires your work?

JD: Many know me for the faces I create. My biggest inspiration for those is my daughter, Karlie. I can always see a characteristic of her in my faces.

Jamie Dougherty 4

WH: How did you get started making art?

JD: I always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to go to school to be a graphic designer but that didn’t pan out. So I got a big girl job, behind a desk. and did that for over fifteen years. Then as fate would have it I got let go due to the economy. I took a leap of faith and turned my passion for art into what it is today. I am a self taught artist and the only advice i can give is practice EVERYDAY.

WH: What is your favorite way to use wood in your art?

JD: I LOVE to paint and draw on wood. With creating faces, woods lends the perfects tones to build off of. It’s a perfect surface for so many different mediums. From Colored pencils, to oil paints there is no limit to what you can create.

Jamie Dougherty 1

WH: What’s your favorite Walnut Hollow product to work with?

JD: I really enjoy using Walnut Hollow’s beveled plaques. In all shapes and sizes. The wood is always smooth, the grains are beautiful and the beveled eyes give the pieces a finished look.

WH: What do you do for “fun”, besides creating fabulous DIY projects and art?

JD:  I most love to spend time with my family. They are the most important thing to me besides my faith so they always come first. As for other creative activities I’m also an independent author.

Jamie Dougherty 5

WH: What’s the next step for your business and art?

JD: 2016 is wide open right now. I have come out with two adult coloring books this past year and I plan to have many more to come. I also plan to teach in Australia this March and I can’t wait to show others how to create their own unique faces.

Jamie Dougherty 2

WH: Where can we see more of your work?

JD: I am on many social media sites but you can find my work on Facebook as well as my website

Jamie Dougherty 3

Fin out more about Jamie here:

Every day, thousands of artists across the globe use Walnut Hollow products and share them on the internet. We’ve seen incredible pyrography paintings, beautiful chalk painted home decor, adorable clay figures, and more created with our products and tools and now, we’d like to share the story behind those artists with you. Want be to featured? Share your work on our Facebook Page.

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