DIY Striped Shutter Nightstand

WH diy nightstandPallet projects are extremely popular, because pallets are so versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways to create different things.  I like working with Walnut Hollow pallets instead of found pallets because the Walnut Hollow pallets are clean and uniformly sized, and I don’t have to worry about rusty nails or other issues.  I combined five rustic pallets to create this modern striped nightstand for my son’s bedroom.  Don’t worry if you’re not a DIYer…this project is simple enough for beginners!

WH diynightstand


suppliesStep one:  Protect your work surface and lay the four long pallets out face up.  You can sand the rough edges if you want a smoother surface, but I don’t since they are rustic and that is the look I prefer.

step 1Step two:  Paint alternating stripes with white chalk paint.  I used DecoArt’s Chalk Finish paint in Everlast.  Two applications of paint were needed to hide the wood grain.

step 2Step three:  Paint the remaining stripes with black paint.  I used Chalk Finish Paint in Carbon.   Only one application of paint was needed.

step 3Step four:  When the paint has dried, flip the pallets over and paint the supporting beams black.

step 5Step five:  Paint the top of the framed rustic pallet yellow.  This required multiple applications to achieve the finish I wanted.  Let the paint dry between each application.

step 6Step six:  Use tape to protect the bottom of the framed rustic pallet.  My trick to keep the paint from bleeding under the tape is to first paint over the tape with the base color, in this case yellow.  This helps seal the edges of the tape.  Once that is dry, paint the sides o the framed pallet black.

step 7JPGStep seven:  Arrange the long pallets in a square shape, as pictured.

step 8Step eight:  Nail the boards together to create the base of the nightstand.  Place the framed pallet on top.

WH nightstand diyI did not attach the framed pallet to the base, so my son can use the nightstand for storage.  He can keep miscellaneous rarely used items in the base of the stand, and hide them when the top is in place.  As you can see, he has a soccer themed room, which I why I went with a striped nigh stand.  Does it look a bit like a referee’s jersey?

WH nighstand

Have fun crafting and creating with Walnut Hollow rustic pallets!


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