Rustic U.S. Map Wall Art DIY

WH US art

Rustic Americana decor never goes out of style in my book. I was so excited to see the new shapes available in Walnut Hollow’s rustic pallet selection and knew that I wanted to turn the beautiful US pallet map into a rustic piece of home decor. I created my own color washes so I could maintain the rustic feel while highlighting the wood grain. I made a short video tutorial to show you just how easy it is to make your own US pallet art with beautiful wood cut outs from Walnut Hollow.



More detailed instructions and explanations are available in this video tutorial, or you can scroll down for a summary of how to create your own rustic US map wall art.

Step one: Create a color wash by mixing one part glaze and one part water with up to 35% paint. Create a color wash for each of the four shades of white paint, and apply one to each pallet board on the map. One color wash will be used on two boards.

whitewashpaint wash

Step two: Paint the heart shape and the edge of the map with Red Barn paint.

red paint

Step three: Apply the brown stain to add age and interest to the piece.


Step four: Use the woodburning tool and letter to write the message on the heart shape.

Step five:  Use wood glue to attach the heart to the map. Let it dry completely before displaying.


Rustic and ready to display! I’m adding a sawtooth hanger to the back so I can hang my rustic US map wall art on the wall, but you can create a fun stand for this project by combining two star shaped plaques with two carving blocks. Have fun crafting and creating with Walnut Hollow!

WH wall art USA

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— Morena

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