Tsum Tsum Hotel Rustic Crate Toy Storage.

If you have a Disney fan in your home, odds are you’ve heard of a Tsum Tsum. Even if you don’t have a Disney fan you may have seen these adorable little pill shaped stuffed toys around. They are so cute, and so collectible. Similar to the old Beanie Baby collections for sure.   I know several Tsum Tsum collectors, and I have a budding collector of my own. While these cute little toys are made to be stackable, they rarely end up that way. Usually they are all over the floor. Using a Walnut Hollow Large Rustic Crate and Table Top Sign I’ve found the cutest solution to that problem, and could easily work for storing many different toys other than these cuties as well.

Tsum Tsum Hotel with Walnut Hollow Rustic Crate and Table Top Sign

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Rustic Crate Tsum Tsum Hotel Toy storage:

  • Walnut Hollow Large Rustic Crate (1)
  • Walnut Hollow Narrow Table Top Sign (1)
  • 3 inch pvc pipe cut into 4 inch segments (13)
  • Acrylic paint in bright colors (I used yellow, white, bright blue, blue, pink, orange, and red).
  • Chalk paint in two colors (I used off white and yellow)
  • Hand saw
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brush and water
  • Construction grade adhesive

Using a Walnut Hollow Large Rustic crate and a Small Table Top sign we can make an adorable storage for your Tsum Tsum collection

Step one:

Lightly sand your table top sign, and rustic crate. Remove any loose wood splinters that could catch little fingers.

Step two:

Give both the sign and the crate a base coat of chalk paint.  My crate is painted an off white inside, and a nice happy yellow on the outside.

paint the rustic crate with a bright happy yellow paint

Step 3:

Use a handsaw to cut your 3″ pvc pipe into segments 4 inches long.  I used 13 pipe segments to fill my large rustic crate. You can use the sand paper to smooth the cut edges if needed.

Step 4:

Stack your pvc pipe segments in the Large rustic crate. A line of construction grade glue on each pvc segment will hold the pipes to the crate, and each other firmly.  You can find glues like this in the hardware store near the caulk products.

Glue the pvc pipe into the rustic crate using a construction adhesive like power grab glue

Step 5:

Paint your table top sign. Using acrylic paints, paint the Tsum Tsum logo onto your hotel sign. Add any personal details you wish to make it your own.  Let the sign dry completely.

Using acrylic paint add the Tsum Tsum graphic to the table top sign

Step 6:

Glue your table top sign to the top of the crate with your construction grade glue.

Step 7:

With the same acrylic paints that you used on the sign, paint the opening of each pvc pipe. Use coordinating colors to tie it all together.

Painting the pvc pipes inside the Walnut Hollow rustic crate for the Tsum Tsum storage

Step 8: 

Fill your adorable hotel with cute occupants!

Tsum Tsum storage with Walnut Hollow Rustic Crate and table top sign

You can customize it to fit your style, or your needs. This hotel can fit roughly 20 adorable little Tusms comfortably.  If your collection is beyond that, you can easily stack two or more crates together for even more storage! One ten foot pvc pipe cuts into thirty 4″ segments. Enough to fill two whole large crates!

Tsum Tsum Storage PVC pipes inside a Walnut Hollow Rustic Crate

No more Tsum Tsum toys all over the floor now that they have a super cute place to call home!

Tsum Tsum Storage Hotel with Walnut Hollow Rustic Crate and Table Top Sign

Pick up the supplies for this project and more plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Use code SHIP2016 at checkout at walnuthollow.com



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Do you have a Tsum Tsum collector in your home?  What will you fill your adorable toy storage crate with?

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