DIY Rustic Card Box

Walnut Hollow DIY Rustic Card Box
DIY wedding decor and Walnut Hollow go together like a hammer and a nail.  The Rustic Pallet Arch and the Small Rustic Crate are easy to customize and are the perfect, manageable size for even the most novice of woodworkers like myself. This rustic card box is a darling project for the DIY bride looking to personalize her wedding decor.
Walnut Hollow DIY Rustic Card Box Supplies 2`

  • Rustic Pallet Arch
  • Rustic Crate, Small
  • Sand Paper, 120 grit
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Wood Stain (I used a dark walnut here)
  • Brushes for dusting
  • Drill & bit
  • (6) 1-inch screws
  • Pretties for decoration

Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box_Sand
Begin by lightly sanding both Walnut Hollow pieces. We’re just looking take off those little splinters here; leave that delicious rustic texture these pallets have.
Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box Brush
Brush away the dust. Be sure to get inside the crevices and the inside of the crate, too. Brush the pallet arch on both sides and between the pallet boards.
Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box Stain
It’s time to stain. Follow the manufacturerers instructions for staining and don’t forget to wear disposable gloves to protect your hands. I applied the stain with a soft rag in a sweeping motion from top to bottom. Stain both sides of the pallet, remembering to get in the crevices and between the boards. Continue staining the crate. Set aside until dry, usually about 24 hours.
Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box
When both pieces are completely dry, use the sand paper to distress both the pallet arch and the crate. This will give our card box that awesome rustic look.
Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box Drill
To attach the two pieces, line up the bottom of the pallet arch with the bottom of the crate. It helps to have a helper with this step to ensure even drilling. Line them up, mark where your screws will go, and drill pilot holes. Next, insert the screws and use your drill to attach.
Walnut Hollow_DIY Rustic Card Box Backside

Walnut Hollow DIY Rustic Card Box
To finish, simply add some pretty handmade decorative touches like a ribbon bunting and this “cards” pennant I made for this project.

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I hope you enjoyed this DIY Rustic Card Box project and found some inspiration for your own DIY projects using Walnut Hollow products. I’d love for you to tell me what you’re working on currently or dreaming of working on in the comments below.
Happy DIY’ing, friends!
Gina | Desperately Seeking Gina
DIY’er Gina is still trying, desperately, to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. On the list of life goals achieved: crafter and baker extraordinaire, cat mom, fiancé, friend, and blogger. You can read about her adventure at her blog Desperately Seeking Gina.

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