Woodsy Cake Stand

Woodsy Cake Stand Beauty Shot

Woodsy weddings and parties are all the rage right now and using Walnut Hollow’s Basswood Country Rounds is a quick and easy way to bring the woods to your party decor. Of course, you can’t live on wood alone-every party needs sweet treats-and this Woodsy Cake Stand is just what you need to make your party special.

Woodsy Cake Stand 2


Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Rounds®-Thick
Walnut Hollow Whittler’s Kit-3 pieces
• Green (or any color of your choice) craft paint
• White craft paint
• Decorative stencil
• Dowels (3), approximately 1″ in length
• Hand drill
• Drill bit the same size as your dowel width
• Wood glue


1. Cut all three whittler’s blocks to the same height. For my cake plate, I used blocks that measured 4” high.
2. Paint the blocks in green paint and set aside to dry.

Paint the Cake Stand
3. Place a plate on the top and center of the Country Round and trace around it. Tip: Use a plate that is slightly smaller the top of the round, so that some of the natural wood will show through. This will give you the rustic, woodsy look you want.
4. Paint inside the circle you drew with green paint and allow to dry.
5. Once the paint is dry on the whittler’s blocks, stencil a design onto them using white paint. Also stencil the top, painted side of the Country Round. Allow to dry completely.

Stencil the Cake Stand
6. Find the center on one end of each of your whittler’s blocks and drill a hole.
7. Once all the blocks are drilled, arrange them on the BOTTOM side of your round. I placed all three of my blocks in the middle of the round, but you can also place them closer to the outside edges, spaced further apart, for even more stability. When you have a position you like for the cake stand’s legs, trace around the blocks with a pencil, find the center of each traced square, and drill a hole in the middle.

Cake Stand Block Placement
8. Using wood glue, glue the dowel into place in each block and then glue and insert the blocks into the drilled holes on the round. Allow the glue to dry completely before you flip the cake plate over and use for your displays.

Safety Tips:

• For food & health safety, don’t place food directly onto the painted surfaces. Make sure your food is wrapped or place a cardboard cake board or doily beneath the food to protect it from the painted surface.
• While these would also be great to display candles, don’t forget wood is flammable! Use flame-less candles to ensure the safety of your party guests.

I hope you make dozens of these cake stands. Leave a comment and tell me what you would display on them. Recipes would be lovely!

Pick up the supplies for projects like this at walnuthollow.com


This month we are giving away a fab prize pack with everything you need to start crafting with wood:

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  • Walnut Hollow Basswood Round
  • Walnut Hollow Tablet Holder

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Woodsy Cake Stand 3

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Laura Bray is a professional craft designer and blogger. She lives in Southern California with her physicist husband, their inspiring, ten year old daughter, and a hamster named Hamony Snickett. Laura believes crafting should be quick, simple, and easy on the environment. Laura’s goal is to focus on helping women create lifestyles that are simple, creative, and intentional. You can find craft tutorials, lifestyle essays, and creative business advice on her blog, Laura Bray Designs.


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