Garden Footpath Street Numbers


Now that the snow has melted and Spring is officially in just a few weeks, I’ve been busy cleaning up my yard and creating crafts to decorate it. I live in a neighborhood filled with identical red brick houses, so to make mine a bit easier to find, I made a much needed garden footpath with my street number engraved into the basswood rounds.  My postman gave me his thumbs up approval.  I love these rounds.  They are extra thick and very sturdy, perfect for a garden footpath.  Align them vertically, or in a horizontal fashion.


Supplies you will need:

Step 1:  Use a pencil to trace the numbers onto the rounds. I “eyeballed” their placement at approximately the center of each round.


Step 2:  Screw in the universal point.  Heat up your woodburning tool and trace the pencil lines.

HINTS:  Practice on the back of the round until you get the feel for working with the tool. Once hot, the tool burns marks into the wood quite quickly.  The longer you leave it in one place, the thicker the line you will get.

Step 3: Turn off your woodburning tool and allow it to cool off.  Once cool, use your needle nose pliers to remove the universal tip and screw in the flow tip. Heat up the tool and use this tip to burn dots throughout the interior of each number in order to shade the number slightly darker, thus making it easier to read from afar.

obermeyer-walnut-hallow-woodburning       Obermeyer-walnut-hallow-wood-burned-numbers

Step 4:  Fill in each number with a dense number of wood burned dots.  Once completed, add the steps to your garden. You will make your postman very happy.

Thank you for joining me today as I share the first of my crafts for the garden ! I hope you’ll check out all the other great products Walnut Hollow has to offer and that you’ll stop by and visit me at Craft with a Capital C!

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Lindsay Obermeyer is an artist, designer, author and educator with a passion for the crafts.  For twenty five years, she’s been exhibiting her work in galleries and museums around the world. She currently resides in St. Louis with her daughter and two zany papillons in a 100 year old house surrounded by an ever evolving garden.

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