Dry Erase Coloring Book Wall Art

I’m definitely a fan of the adult coloring book trend, and my walls are in dire need of something new to hang on them, so I wanted to find a way to work coloring pages into a decor project. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have coloring book wall art that you could change on a whim? That’s when I was inspired to use wood burning and whiteboard paint to create DIY reusable coloring book art! You can color, erase, and re-color this image whenever the urge strikes using dry erase markers or chalk markers.

finished diy dry erase coloring page

I’m really happy with how this project turned out, and I can definitely see a lot of possible ways I could also work this technique into other projects. You could even use chalkboard paint a white paint marker instead for a different take on it.

materials for dry erase coloring page

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Dry Erase Coloring Book Art:

Step One:

Choose a coloring book image. I found several in this folk art coloring book that were framed in at the absolute perfect size to use on an 8″ by 10″ panel.

Use carbon paper to trace the design onto the wood panel. Since the pages in this particular coloring book are extra-thick, I found it easiest to photocopy the design onto lighter weight paper and use the copy for tracing.

burn coloring book design into wood surface

Step Two:

Use your Creative Versa-Tool® to burn the traced design into the wood. Make your lines deep so that they’ll be easy to re-trace after you’ve applied a few layers of paint.

apply primer to burned design

Step Three:

Apply two or three coats of primer to the entire surface. Use a fairly dry brush to avoid filling the burned lines with too much paint.

makeup sponge for applying paint

Step Four:

Apply several coats of whiteboard paint.

Tip: If you use a brush-on variety of whiteboard paint, use the most dense sponge roller you can find to get the smoothest possible finish. Even the most dense roller I could find at my local hardware store was giving me too much texture, so I ended up using makeup sponges instead!

trace burned lines with marker

Step Five:

After the whiteboard paint dries, go back over all of the burn lines with a black permanent marker. I used a fine tip marker to start with on the bigger parts of the design, then followed up with an ultra-fine tip for smaller details and touch-ups.

color in design with dry erase markers

Once complete, use dry erase markers or chalk markers to fill in the design.

color in design with chalk markers

Not happy with your color choices? Want to change it up to match different rooms or for different seasons? No problem! Just erase and it’s ready to color again!

What do you think of the adult coloring trend? We’re really excited to find more new ways to work it into our projects. Tell us about your favorite coloring book related DIY!


mrsgreene_headshotRhonda Greene is a blogger and craft designer from Michigan’s “pinky” region, where she lives with her husband and three cats. When she’s not busy making stuff and blogging at Mrs. Greene, she works in social media management and web design. She crams what little spare time she has left with lots of hiking, gourmet cooking, and hunting down a collection of unique vintage finds.

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