DIY Painted Card Keeper Box to Organize Your Studio


WH Painted Card Organizer Box (1)

Hey everyone, Katie here! I have a fun project to share with you guys today. I gave these Card Keeper Boxes a new look with just a bit of acrylic paint!

I love decorating and organizing my studio, but at the same time it is hard to keep it organized- those little things that don’t have an “official” place, so they get cluttered.  So I painted these boxes and plan to use them just for that reason!

The Card Keeper Box is made with a slide lid design, made from Basswood & Baltic Birch Pylwood which gives it a really smooth surface that is perfect for painting! I actually watered down some acrylic paint by DecoArt to give the wood a “stained” look.


  • Card Keeper Boxes
  • Pink Acrylic Paint
  • Mason Jar
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • 1″ Paint Brush
  • #1 Paint Brush
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Leather Scrap
  • Button
  • Adhesive
  1. Start by watering down a little bit of pink acrylic paint in a mason jar. I used about 1 part paint with 2-3 parts water. Stir it up good.
  2. Next, use a 1″ paint brush to brush on your pink paint. It is thinner than acrylic paint because of the water, but one coat will do. Paint the entrie outside of the box and the lid.

WH Painted Card Organizer Box (3)

3.  Use a pencil to letter on your word- I would recommend decided what you want to store in these boxes! It can be something specific, like “cards” or just “craft supplies”.

Also doodle on flowers, stems, berries, etc.

WH Painted Card Organizer Box (4)

4. Use a tiny paint brush and black paint to go over your penciled designs.  Once the paint is completely dry (so it doesn’t smudge!), erase any pencil lines that you didn’t cover.

WH Painted Card Organizer Box (5)

6. For a finishing touch, cut a 3″ rectangle of vinyl, fold it over into a loop and adhere it to the edge of the lid as a handle. Add a button on top. Once dry, this will make it easy to slide the lid out!

WH Painted Card Organizer Box (6) WH Painted Card Organizer Box (7) WH Painted Card Organizer Box (8)

WH Painted Card Organizer Box (2)

Thanks for stopping by! I’m loving these, I may have to make more for the rest of my supplies and really reorganize my studio!

What color would you paint yours? There are SO many possibilities!

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Bio: Katie is a 23 yr old artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, tutorials and all sorts of artsy things.

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