Wedding Clock Guest Book

Simple "Tale as Old as Time" Wedding Clock Guest Book

With the weather warming up and the beautiful flowers blooming it’s a great time for a wedding! If you are planning a wedding soon, this is a unique idea for a wedding guest “book.”   One of my favorite fairy tale stories of all time is the story about Beauty and the Beast. It’s such a great love story! I wanted to make a clock keepsake guest book that could be hung on a wall in the newlyweds home and cherished forever. I couldn’t think of a better love story theme for a clock than a “Tale as old as time.”   This project is so simple using these great Walnut Hollow clock kits but it adds such a fun and unique element to remember your guests.

clock materials

Here is what you will need to make your own Wedding clock guest book:

Step 1:

Using a wood stain of your choice, stain your gallery clock surface.  I used a dark Oak stain. The Gallery Clock surface comes smooth and ready to use, which I love!

Step 2:

Add your numbers around the face of the clock. This is simple to do if you divide it like a pie into four sections, and then each of those four sections into 3 sections.

Use graphite paper to trace your design onto the clock

Step 3:

Trace the words onto the clock surface using graphite tracing paper. You can freehand this if you’d rather.

Wood burning the wedding clock surface

Step 4:

Use your Creative Versa-Tool® wood burner to burn the clock numbers and your words into the surface of the clock. I like to use the flow point tip on my wood burner for lettering because it glides over the wood smoothly.

Step 5:

With a foam paint brush apply a satin finish sealant on the clock surface. Sealing the clock adds durability to the finish.

Use a satin finish sealant to give your wedding clock durability

Step 6:

Assemble the clock pieces following the easy directions included on the clock movement package. This was my first time assembling a clock on my own, and it couldn’t have been easier!

assemble the clock movement

I love the beautiful wood grain from the Gallery Clock surface that shows through the stain and those big classic clock hands are the perfect touch!

wedding guest book clock

Now you have a beautiful clock with room to have your guests sign.

Walnut Hollow Wedding Clock Guest Book

A permanent marker works great on the sealed wood surface.

Wedding Clock Guest Book a Tale as Old as Time

I love finding unique guest books at weddings. Do you have a favorite you’ve seen?


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