Shabby Chic Shutter Box Decor

If you’re like me, your counters might be covered with mail and other odds and ends that get tossed down when days are hectic. To help organize my space and decorate at the same time I created this pretty shutter shelf storage. It looks good and can be used as an organizer or as a decorative piece!

shutterbasket4 wh


step 1Step one: Paint the shutter and the crate with the chalk finish paint. I used a lovely color from DecoArt that is called Lace. Two applications of the chalk finish paint cover the unfinished wood nicely.

step 2Step two: Place the stencil on the front of the crate, and use stencil tape to hold it in place. Pick up a small amount of the black metallic paste with a stiff brush, and stipple it over the stencil. Continue until the design is complete.

step 3Step three: Use wood glue to attach the crate to the front of the shutter.  Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step four: Nail the metal key onto the top shutter.

shutter basket2 wh

My decorative shutter shelf is going to be placed on a counter. I’m going to use it to hold mail and keys. If you plan to hang this on a wall and place anything heavy or breakable in the crate then you’ll need to secure it with something more firm than glue. I’m excited to put this shabby chic decorative piece on my counter. It will look great and help me organize some of my clutter!

shutterbasket3 wh

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Morena Hockley from Morena’s Corner is crazy about all things retro, vintage, and shabby!  Visit her site to see more fun projects made with Walnut Hollow unfinished wood.


6 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Shutter Box Decor

  1. This is wonderful! Wish I had seen this in time for Mother’s Day gifts 🙂 Saving it for birthday gifts, though!

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