Rustic Charm Table Markers

Glittered Table Number

I didn’t have a big wedding, but if I had it would’ve been a DIY extravaganza. More and more couples getting married these days are choosing to go the DIY route both for it’s economical reasons and because better way to customize your wedding day than to do it yourself.

Walnut Hollow products are perfect for helping future brides and grooms create their one-of-a-kind wedding decor; especially when it comes to dressing up a rustic look with a bit of sophistication. That’s exactly what we did for this project when we took the Basswood Country Rounds® and combined them with the simple Wooden Numbers to create Glittered Table Numbers.

Table Number Supplies


6.5″ Numbers

Basswood Country Rounds® – Extra Small


decoupage medium

glitter (both fine and coarse)

strong craft or wood glue

Painting Round

Start off by painting your number and disc in one of your wedding colors. Be careful when you paint the bark you really need to sponge it into the cracks so you can keep that woodland charm look.

Decoupaging Number

After the paint has dried put a layer of decoupage medium on the front of your number and sprinkle it with glitter. I highly recommend getting both a lighter and a heavier glitter. The combination of both will give you better coverage.

You don’t have to wait for it to dry before flipping it over and putting a layer of decoupage and glitter on the back as well. You might have noticed, I use an old deli tray as my workspace, it helps keep the glitter all in once spot, and if it has ridges it makes it easier to flip it over and glitter the back.

Glittering Numbers

I chose not to cover the sides with glitter but that’s another option.

Once everything has dried go ahead and shake off as much of the loose glitter as you can. You can always add more, it’ll get glitter all over your paintbrush so be sure to use one you’re okay with throwing away when you’re done. 

Glueing Number to Round

Use the glue to secure the number onto the disc. You will definitely need to find something to hold the number in place while the glue dries, I used extra paint bottles.

Once the glue has set shake off any excess glitter or use a brush to tidy up your markers.

Personalized Table Markers

This really is a simple project, perfect to make with all your bridesmaids and even groomsmen. Here’s a quick video tutorial if you want to see how easy it really is!

How many of you made your own wedding decorations? What did you make?  

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Erin Sipes -

Erin is a writer, crafter, and homeschooling mother of four based in rural Missouri. On her blog, My Very Educated Mother, she shares projects, crafts, recipes, family activities, and household tips, aimed at encouraging readers to foster creativity in their lives and homes.

One thought on “Rustic Charm Table Markers

  1. I love the rustic map shadow box project. It seems simple enough to do and creates a great way to display a map of somewhere you’ve been and include a couple of souvenirs or small pieces that remind you of that place. This makes a wonderful display to remind you of past adventures and I love that!

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