Rustic Wedding Table Signage

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When it comes to DIY wedding decor, bigger does not always mean better. Even the smallest of touches can have a huge impact on a wedding’s overall aesthetic. Walnut Hollow provides simple made-in-the-USA products that any DIY bride (or groom!) can easily customize to add a sophisticated rustic charm to her (or his!) wedding decor.

Part of the fun of a DIY wedding is figuring out how to reuse, repurpose, and rethink ordinary objects to incorporate into party decor. For example, this Basswood Whittler’s Kit may be a good medium for wood carving, but it’s also perfect for table number signage as well.  Let me show you how.


Walnut Hollow Table Signage_Burn

1. Lightly sand the edges of all pieces-just enough to take off any loose burrs. Using a clean cloth, wipe away dust completely.

2. Hot stamp numbers onto each whittler piece.

3. Stain pieces.

Walnut Hollow Table Signage_Stain

4. Determine placement of doily. Apply glue. To make this step easy, I used a pencil to trace where I wanted the edge of the doily to be. Feel free to eyeball it!

5. Apply doily, smooth as you go paying special attention to all the small pieces. Use a scissor to trim doily to fit.

Walnut Hollow Table Signage_Doily

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each whittler piece.

Walnut Hollow Table Signage_String

7. To add dimension and movement, tie some string around each doily & numbered piece. I used a crochet thread here but any kind of coordinating string will work. Tie into a bow and snip ends accordingly.

Walnut Hollow Table Signage

Check out this short video tutorial to see how quick and easy this project can be.



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How would you rethink, reuse, repurpose these pieces? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Gina | Desperately Seeking GinaDIY’er Gina is still trying, desperately, to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. On the list of life goals achieved: crafter and baker extraordinaire, cat mom, fiancé, friend, and blogger. You can read about her adventure at her blog Desperately Seeking Gina.

2 thoughts on “Rustic Wedding Table Signage

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  2. These would be cute to tie a balloon on and use them for birthday parties such as a Sweet 16. Or add little plastic baby items such as booties or pacifiers in the gender color for baby showers.

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