DIY Basswood Canvas Bird Feeder

Wood Canvas DIY Bird Feeder

Earlier this week I went outside to take a picture of a wild turkey eating bird seed and accidentally scared it which in turn spooked a deer that had been hiding in the underbrush less than 20 feet away. That’s life in the country! Thankfully, you don’t need to live on a dirt road to attract and admire wildlife, a simple bird feeder will do the trick and I’m going to show you how to make one with a Walnut Hollow Basswood Canvas.

Walnut Hollow products are made with a focus on the environment so they are safe for birds to eat off of as long as you keep these points in mind. First, don’t paint or treat the inside of the canvas, or any surface you intend for birds to eat off. Second, if your bird feeder does not have a cover (like this one) be prepared to clean it out regularly to keep seeds from sprouting. 

DIY Bird Feeder Supplies



Quick and Easy DIY Bird Feeder

This is a really simple project; first, using a drill, bore holes on the inside corners of the canvas. The size will depend on the width of your rope. Afterwards you might need to sand any splintering or rough edges.

Time to paint; be sure you’re using an indoor/outdoor product. I’m using DecoArt’s Americana multi-surface satin.

Do-It-Yourself Bird Feeder

I’m not sure why I filled the holes to keep the paint out, but I did and it was unnecessary. You might, however, need to apply two coats to get a nice bright color, perfect for standing out in the garden and attracting birds.

Painting DIY Bird Feeder

You only need paint, stain, or a wood burner to personalize this Walnut Hollow product. To make these flower decorations let the brush do the work; simply press and blot the paintbrush to create flower petals and leaves.

Once all the paint has dried it’s time to hang your feeder. Covering the ends of your rope with a bit of duct tape will make it much easier to feed through the holes.

Simple Basswood Canvas Bird Feeder

To actually hang the feeder I threw each piece of rope over a branch, fed the ends through the holes of the canvas, and then tied them all together in one giant knot before removing the duct tape and burning the ends to keep them from fraying.

Hanging Bird Feeder

I used two 7’ long pieces of rope my husband had in his shop. The length you need will depend on where you are hanging your feeder and while our rope got the job done I’d recommend a nicer nylon or natural rope that holds a knot better.

Fill with loose bird seed or suet blocks. You could also hammer a long nail through the center of the canvas to hold corn cobs. Whatever you choose, remember to check on it regularly and clean it when needed.

DIY Basswood Canvas Bird Feeder

What kind of birds and wildlife to you see when you look out the window? Let me know in the comments below.

 Erin Sipes - MyVeryEducatedMother.comErin is a writer, crafter, and homeschooling mother of four based in rural Missouri. On her blog, My Very Educated Mother, she shares projects, crafts, recipes, family activities, and household tips, aimed at encouraging readers to foster creativity in their lives and homes.

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